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Dear Friends,


How grand was the procession for the Epiphany on January 6th in Cortona! My daughter Becky was home with her family for the holidays and able to share these wonderful moments with me. I just love how the Italians celebrate the holidays.


The Three Wise Men made their way through Cortona, Italy in celebration of the Epiphany.


Now my holiday season is complete with the arrival of this picture of my two grandchildren in Cortona. Michi (center) and Sofie (R) are accompanied by their cousin Giovanni.


Chilly winds and a little snow have kept me indoors for a few days. During times like this, I enjoy the solitude of my Radford home and spend most of my time painting. Painting has always been my refuge and means of communication. I never tire of it. I have been working on a print for Blue Ridge Public Television and I’m close to finishing a very special painting to be printed in time for Valentine’s Day. Speaking of printing, the staff at the Moss Portfolio has begun transitioning to a new giclée printer. How excited they were to see the first print run come flawlessly off the machine!


Meet the Epson Sure Color P9000. It is an eleven-color printer, and standing beside it with the first test printing is Angie Clawson. Angie has been a Moss employee since 2004 and stays very busy since she is responsible for the majority of the printing.


Until next week,



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