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Dear Friends,


There’s no place like home. I am happily at work again at my drawing table, having gotten thoroughly refreshed in the Caribbean. Right now I think all of us could use some of the warmth from there. I am very excited for 2019 and all the promise it holds. Before my show season starts this Spring, I have numerous projects to finish. What I have completed so far, are the 2019 Moss Society Members Only prints (MOP). Here is a preview for you.


Purrfect Baskets is the 2019 Adult Society MOP. This print and the Junior print will be shipped no charge, one of the benefits of Society membership.


Equine Dance is the 2019 Junior Society MOP. 


I am also doing a painting for Iowa Public Television. Stay tuned, more information will be coming in a future newsletter.


January 13th I had the pleasure of joining my local community in Blacksburg for the Virginia Tech Women’s Basketball Auction and Dinner. Over the last few years I have gotten to know these women and have seen firsthand what a positive impact this program has on their lives. Much more than just athletics, the VTWBB program is providing guidance and teaching life skills. For this auction, I donated an original painting titled Hokie Spirit. The new and proud owners of this painting are Mark and Molly Whitehouse. The money raised from the sale of my original goes to help this incredible program.


Hokie Spirit


I attend as many of the women’s basketball games as I can. One of my favorite players is Trinity Baptiste, pictured with me here. She exemplifies a strong woman who is also kind. Trinity’s home is in Tampa, FL, just across the water from my beloved St. Petersburg.


From my recent visit of the Mayan ruins at Tulum, here’s a picture to keep you warm. I was intrigued with these ruins, especially since this was the only coastal Mayan city. It even had a beautiful beach!


Pictured with me are Mary Morgan, Flo Graham, and my daughters Mary and Patty.


Until next week,



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