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 P. Buckley Moss Newsletter

Feb. 12-13, 2022
Gallery Open House,
Blacksburg, VA
(540) 552-6446
Feb. 26, 2022
St. Joseph Church
Huntington, WV

(800) 430-1320
April 22-24, 2022
Barn Show & Gallery
Open House,
Waynesboro, VA
(540) 949-6473

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Dear Friends,


It certainly has been cold out lately, hasn’t it? I have a few things to tell you that may warm you up a bit. I recently moved to a new home in Blacksburg to be closer to the gallery. I haven’t had a tremendous amount of time to get to know my neighbors. However, on January 17th after the snow fall, a kind and unknown neighbor shoveled my driveway and made a safe path to my car for me. It is these little acts of kindness throughout the day that each of us can provide for another which create a kind world for all to share.


Valentine’s Day is approaching and with it my first show of the year with the P Buckley Moss Gallery of Blacksburg. The dates are Saturday, February 12th and Sunday the 13th. With an eye to current covid prevention guidelines, the gallery staff is requesting that all visitors wear a mask for this show. For those of you who would like to participate in the show from the comfort of your home, there will be an online companion album for you to view. I will have the link to it in an upcoming newsletter.


Here’s your invitation to the P Buckley Moss Gallery of Blacksburg’s Valentine’s Day Open House! My new print, Peaceful Sanctuary is available for preorder through the gallery by calling 540-552-6446. 


Until next week,



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