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Feb. 13-14, 2021
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April 16-18, 2021
Barn Show & Gallery
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May 29-30, 2021
Gallery Open House
Blacksburg, VA
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Dear Friends,


Bernie is everywhere! My daughter Becky playfully inserted him into my new painting, Les Jardins de Monet, which is being released at the Moss Gallery of Blacksburg on February 13th.


How I have laughed to see all of the Bernie memes generated from his photo on Inauguration Day! Mr. Sanders has been very good humored about it all, and he and his political action team have taken it a step further. Recently he announced that they would be selling the now famous mitten image on clothing with 100% of the proceeds to help charities in Vermont. This includes Feeding Chittenden, Chill Foundation, and Vermont community action centers. This is such a feel good story, isn’t it?

As I am writing this letter, I am also packing my bags for the return trip to my Radford home. I am grateful to have received a call from the Virginia Department of Health letting me know that they had a vaccine ready for me there. My show with the Moss Gallery of Blacksburg will be on Saturday, February 13th, and Sunday, the 14th, so I am planning to remain in Radford until then. My time is Mathews has been most productive and in the coming weeks I will have new artwork to share with you.


My daughter Patty’s dog Elsie has been my constant companion during my Mathews stay. Those of you who attended the 2017
Summer Barn Show and Gallery Open House in Waynesboro may remember meeting her as a puppy.


Until next week,



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