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Dear Friends,


Over the span of my career I have had the extraordinary pleasure of meeting and conversing with many of you. We have become a community, sharing our love for art and for one another. This week I will be attending a ceremony in Richmond, Virginia that celebrates 50 years of art in Virginia. The program was conceived by the Virginia Commission for the Arts. From their website I quote, “For fifty years, the VCA has supported and celebrated the vibrant arts culture that is critical to living, learning, and thriving economically in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The "50 for 50 Arts Inspiration Awards" are designed to recognize programs, individuals, and organizations critical to the arts in Virginia.” I am honored and humbled to be recognized for this award.


This was from when I was an art student at the Cooper Union.


2002. So many of you have provided encouragement and inspiration for my painting. Without you, I would be painting in a vacuum. Thank you everyone.


2017. Life is good!


For a long time, many of you have helped me realize my vision for children’s education.  Through cash donations, art donations, dinners, Society trips, Society renewal fees, quilt artistry, and mailing labels, the Moss Society and Moss Foundation have provided financial support for teachers and students that need a little extra help. Too often we don’t hear the success stories that result from our efforts. I received a letter this week from a Moss Scholarship recipient that I would like to share.



The annual Foundation Fund Raising Dinner held at my home in Waynesboro, Virginia, is scheduled for July 7th. We will have the dinner outside on my patio that is now home to the Memorial Walkway. Contact the foundation at  or by calling, 800-430-1320 to make your reservation. Tickets are $32 each.


The Moss Blacksburg Gallery is the host of my first show for 2018. We will be releasing the highly anticipated piece, Spring in Appalachia, which is a companion piece to the Appalachian season series. I will be at the gallery Saturday, February 3rd from 11 am to 5 pm, and Sunday, February 4th from noon until 3pm. The gallery will serve refreshments and I invite everyone to come! Also the beautiful quilt for the Foundation’s 2018 raffle will be on display during the Blacksburg show. Tickets are 1 for $3, or 2 for $5.


Spring in Appalachia


Pat’s beautiful buggy incorporated into a quilt designed and constructed by Lana Kleimon of Georgia.


“I love to laugh. It’s the only way to live. Enjoy each day- it’s not coming back again.” –Doris Day



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