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Dear Friends,


As I am writing this letter, much of the country is in the grip of an Artic icy embrace. I encourage everyone to take shelter and to look after those who have no home. Writer Louisa Thomsen Brits said, “Home is less attached to bricks and mortar and more about the lives we lead, the ways that we connect with each other, the communities we build.” Let’s help one another get safely through this winter challenge.


I had a bit of an adventure this week that I would like to share with you. I was invited to have tea with Pamela Northam, the first lady of Virginia. The tea was held at the historic Executive Mansion in Richmond, Virginia, which serves as home to Virginia’s governor and their family. Many contemporary and strong women gathered for this event to raise funds for the Women’s Monument Commission. The afternoon also included a tour of the mansion which is the oldest continuously used governor’s residence in the United States.


Set in Virginia’s Capital Square, Voices from the Garden, Virginia’s new monument pays tribute to hundreds of historic women. In 2010 the Women’s Monument Commission launched this project. Currently the patio and wall have been erected, and 4 statues are ready for placement. The first 4 statues are:  Cockacoeske, a prominent Pamunkey tribe leader; Anne Burras Laydon, noted early settler of Jamestown; Virginia E. Randolph, respected educator; and the suffrage leader, Adele Clark. There are to be 12 statues, and it was explained that the women represented would be life sized.  The commission felt that these women should not be put on a pedestal, or seem unapproachable, but should be shown as the amazing women that they were. Each woman depicted thrived, and went beyond what was expected of women in their time. The wall lists names of other women who have made significant contributions to Virginia’s history. Some are well known and some are forgotten. There are 250 names on the wall with room for another 150. We saw a scale model of the layout of the completed monument. Unfortunately I had to leave early and did not get to tour the plaza.


Designer concept of Voices from the Garden.


First Lady of Virginia, Pamela Northam. Ms. Northam was wonderfully engaging, and she shared her interest in the artwork that hung in the mansion.


This coming week I will be preparing for the upcoming Valentine Open House at the Moss Gallery of Blacksburg on February 9th and 10th. The staff has put together one of their wonderful gift baskets for this show and told me that they would share a picture with me. I will have it and all of the details for this event next week. I would like to take a moment and introduce you to one of our newest Moss Dealers located in Huntington, West Virginia. It is 3rd Avenue Art Gallery & Custom Framing by Jenks. I am eager to have our first show together, scheduled for April 12th and 13th. I have been working steadily on their show print. It depicts the Heritage Station, formerly the B&O Railroad Depot in Huntington. It is pictured below.


Here are some pieces that I have been working on. At the bottom of the picture is the show print for my first show with 3rd Avenue Art Gallery & Custom Framing by Jenks. I am looking forward to making new WV friends this year!


Until next week,



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