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Dear Friends,


Happy Valentine’s Day!


I wish that each one of you could have come to Blacksburg last weekend for my first show of 2019. Being surrounded by friends and family made this a show to remember. I have some pictures to share with you.


I am enjoying a lovely conversation with friends Patsy Jansons and Allen Dickens. My granddaughter Sarah is behind me.


Sean Taylor was the lucky winner of the Moss Gallery Valentine basket. My assistant for the drawing was none other than my daughter Becky.


It is always a pleasure to see David and Teresa Ehrlich, owners of the Renaissance Music Academy. Their young artists have filled the gallery with beautiful music on many occasions.


This coming week on Saturday, February 16th, I have been invited to speak about the passion and inspiration that drives my art at H’Arts on Main. This is the second year of this art-centered festival that is being held at Great Road on Main event venue in Christiansburg, Virginia. The host of the event is the Montgomery Museum of Art and History. Here is a link to their webpage, To find me, you’ll come to 100 West Main St. in Christiansburg, which is a really old Baptist church, on February 16 at 5:30 p.m.


In the coming weeks I will be preparing for my upcoming shows, which includes a trip to Iowa Public Television on March 3rd. I will be on air to release the 2019 fundraiser to help public television. This is their 50th broadcast year as a statewide public television network. I am also looking forward to reuniting with Moss Society friends in the area for dinner. We missed our annual dinner last year because of bad weather. Speaking of weather, for all my snow bound friends in the Pacific Norwest, I’d like to say that spring is just over one month away.


Until next week,



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