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 P. Buckley Moss Newsletter

April 16-18, 2021
Gallery Open House
Waynesboro, VA
(540) 949-6473
May 29-30, 2021
Gallery Open House
Blacksburg, VA
(540) 552-6446
July 9-11, 2021
Barn Show & Gallery
Open House
Waynesboro, VA
(540) 949-6473

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Dear Friends,

What a relief to see some sunshine today! The weather last week for much of our country has simply been rough. I was able to go to the P Buckley Moss Gallery of Blacksburg for the Valentine’s Open House. Many friends and collectors were ice/snow bound, so I will return to the gallery on Saturday, February 20th for an additional signing session. Look for me from noon until 4 pm. I invite you to visit the gallery’s Companion Album online by following this link.

A happy Sharon Thompson just purchased her first big Moss piece, Floral Rhapsody. This print is a personal favorite of mine, and the original hung in my St. Pete home for many years.

I want to share with you the new print I created for the 2021 Iowa PBS fundraiser. Many Iowans will recognize this place. Located east of Muscatine, Iowa, the Pine Creek Grist Mill was built in 1848 by Ben Nye. This mill is over 170 years old and still works almost exactly as it did when it was first built. While there are quite a few intriguing stories about the early owners of the mill, one particular miller, Mr. Hermann Hutchendorf, made the most of his opportunity as a miller. As a young German immigrant, he purchased a share of the mill and was instrumental in updating and upgrading the mill’s function. In 1883 the mill was devasted by a horrific flood and Hermann almost lost his life. He and nearby neighbors saw to it that the mill was rebuilt. By 1893, he had had enough of the flooding and sold the business. In the 1920’s under different ownership, the mill fell into disrepair and eventually was closed. The state of Iowa purchased it in 1927 as part of the new Wildcat Den State Park.

The Pine Creek Grist Mill in 1899.
Photo credit:

My new print
, Making Memories at Pine Creek Grist Mill will be available as a donation gift through Iowa PBS. I will be on air with the station virtually on Friday, February 28th. This link will take you to the information page on the Iowa PBS website.

   I’d like to close this week’s letter with an excerpt from The Seasons: Winter, by James Thomson.


    Ye noble few! who here unbending stand

    Beneath life’s pressure, yet a little while,

    And what your bounded view, which only saw

    A little part, deem’d evil is no more:

    The storms of wintry time will quickly pass,

    And one unbounded Spring encircle all.


   Until next week,



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