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Dear Friends,


“It is good people who make good places.” 
― Anna Sewell


I have found the remedy for the winter doldrums, have a smack-down! My daughters Mary and Becky put together the Soup and Chili Smack-Down, which is a light hearted cook-off featuring soup and chili. It was the perfect gathering to get people out to enjoy a delicious meal together. Forty friends and family convened at my house to share their culinary creations. What better cure is there for a cold, dreary day?


It’s hard to choose what to eat when there are so many delicious choices!


Winners were crowned king and queen in their respective categories.  Each received this t-shirt designed and printed by Becky. Rose Martin was crowned queen in the chili category with her “Lotta Bean Chili,” and our new friend Emilio was crowned king for his “It Bean Soup.”


I think that many of you know that I am not good at keeping secrets, especially if it is about something fun.  I’d like to share with you that there will be a Moss Society and Friends trip this year. It is being planned for late September and it will be a bus tour in the western part of Virginia. We will visit a number of historic sites that have been the subjects of my paintings over the years.  The details, including the dates, will be coming in a future newsletter.


Even with all the good fun and company, I have had plenty of time to work, including finishing an exciting print for Iowa Public Television. IPTV will be releasing it March 4th. I will have more information about it next week. Meanwhile the staff at the portfolio has been busy trying to keep up with me. Pictured below are some of my recently completed originals that have been selected to be printed. The sticky notes are for the staff to create and vote on titles for them.


Print naming process.


Until next week,



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