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March 30-31

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April 6
King James Galleries
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April 12-13
3rd Avenue Art Gallery
Huntington, WV
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Dear Friends,


“If I create from the heart, everything works; if from the head, almost nothing.”

-Marc Chagall


Oftentimes I am asked questions about life as an artist. For example, what are my inspirations, what does my studio look like, and when do I work. So for this week’s newsletter I would like to share a glimpse into my life as it is today.


I have always had a force inside me that propelled me forward. Thankfully I had teachers who helped me harness this force and orient it in a positive direction. I can thank my family for my strong foundation. It is rooted in kindness and respect for others. My work stems from these core beliefs and states in a forthright manner the ancient proposition of the triumph of beauty and truth over injustice. I do not paint the dark side of contemporary existence, for I am dedicated to painting the hope of the future-hope that seeds positive thoughts of love, family and the beauty of the world. With this philosophy, I seek subject matter to paint that speaks to my heart. Over the years, I have been inspired by the Amish and Mennonite communities because of their faith and respect for our earth. Their message of “live simply and enjoy every moment” rings true to me. The Canada goose appears in my paintings as a symbol of fidelity. I love that they mate for life.


My studio is an ever-changing place. I optimize lighting through the use of mirrors. Paintings that aren’t complete, or ones that I just like, surround me as I work. My daughter Becky’s cat, Pi, is a frequent visitor. I typically work at night and I feel that my best work comes in those quiet hours when most of the earth is asleep.


My studio in Radford, VA on a foggy March morning.


In the coming weeks, I will have a number of new paintings to share with you. My show schedule is filling for 2019 and can be viewed on my website by following this link.


I look forward to seeing all of you this year.


Until next week,



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