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April 26-28

Barn Show & Gallery
Open House

Waynesboro, VA
(540) 949-6473
May 8
Glen Allen Cultural Arts Ctr
Glen Allen, VA
(804) 261-6206
May 10-11
King James Galleries
Gettysburg, PA
(717) 398-2034

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Dear Friends,


Hanging prominently in my distribution center in Mathews, Virginia is my original of Notre Dame. It is there to serve as a reminder of what was and what will be again. Collectively all of us held our breath as this ancient landmark faced destruction. Collectively we grieve and out of that grief, we will support our French friends as they face the arduous task of restoring a beloved national treasure. I am grateful to have visited Notre Dame, and was delighted when my eldest granddaughter, Kate, went there recently as a newlywed. This catastrophic event provides the world an opportunity to unite and work together on this rebuild.


Notre Dame original


It is spring time and the flowers are blooming, which means the annual Spring Barn Show and Gallery Open House is right around the corner. The Moss Gallery of Waynesboro will be releasing my new print, University Memories. You may recognize this landmark, especially if you have been to the Shenandoah Valley. Now known as James Madison University, this educational institution has continued to grow from its humble beginnings in 1908 as a teachers college for women. My daughter Ginny graduated from there. The official release date of the print is April 26th, however you may preorder your print by contacting the Waynesboro Gallery at 540-949-6473.


University Memories, $125, IS: 7 x 20-7/8 ins.


I want to thank 3rd Avenue Gallery and Framing by Jenks for the outstanding show that we had last weekend in Huntington. I had forgotten how beautiful West Virginia is in the spring. How wonderful it was to make new friends and rekindle old ones.  Jo Biel and her husband were among the many friends that took time to come by. I will be looking forward to our next show together.


Patti and Robert, owners of 3rd Avenue Gallery made me feel right at home.


The shop was busy most of the day, with collectors coming from several states. Thank you everyone who came to my show.


Until next week,



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