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May 29-30, 2021
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Blacksburg, VA
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July 9-11, 2021
Barn Show & Gallery
Open House
Waynesboro, VA
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August 6-8, 2021
Steppin' Out & Gallery 
Show, Blacksburg, VA
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Dear Friends,

It’s my birthday. Typically I think of it as just another revolution around the sun, but something my daughter Mary said has me thinking. She was on social media and saw a post from a friend that read, “I can’t believe I’m the same age as old people.” I can’t believe I’m 88. What is 88 supposed to feel like? For me, it is the same as every other day, with my life touched by the love of friends and family. The birthday festivities started early in the week with a lovely dinner at Sue Taylor’s home. Sue is one of our Claytor Lake friends and also works in the Blacksburg Gallery part time. The conversation was so pleasant and lively. Our delicious dinner was prepared by the culinary arts students at Radford High School. They were under the supervision of Chef Rachel Doyle of Hazel Bea Catering.

There is nothing like sharing your birthday with friends. Gathered with me and my daughter Mary are our friends at Claytor Lake, who have also been to Italy on a Moss Society trip. We are hopeful that as the world opens up again, we can schedule another Society trip. We are thinking Sicily. Are you in? Pictured with me L to R: Treesha, Claudia, our gracious host Sue, my daughter Mary, Teresa, me, Flo and Linda.

It has been a busy 2 weeks filled with celebration. My son Chris’s daughter Diana is my latest grandchild to graduate from college and she did it in fine style. Diana studied at High Point University and received a MA in Communications and Business Leadership. Given the additional challenges presented to students this last year and a half, I couldn’t be more proud of her accomplishment.

Isn’t she beautiful? My Diana, High Point University Class of 2021.

I have more granddaughter news. Sofi, our chemical engineer, has spent the last year working her new job in nearby Floyd, Virginia. She just received a transfer to a facility in Corvallis, Oregon, and will be reporting for work on June 7th. Doesn’t leave much time for celebration, does it? We did manage to get a trip in to one of our favorite restaurants The Palisades in Eggleston, VA. My daughter Mary will accompany Sofi across the country. On their journey they plan to stop over in Denver to see my grandson Sean. They have grown up too fast.

Dinner with Sofi at the Palisades. All my love and best wishes for a safe trip and successful transition into your new job. I will miss you.

Next week is the open house with the P Buckley Moss Gallery of Blacksburg. I will be sending my newsletter out early next week with all the details of this exciting event. I have lots of new work to share with you. But now, it is time for cake!

Until next week,


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