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Dear Friends,


I am so grateful for all of you. The outpouring of love I received for my birthday was astounding. For those of you who took the time to send emails, letters, cards and instant messages, thank you. I believe we have a number of years yet to go and I am thrilled we’re travelling together on this journey.



As promised, I have pictures and stories to tell of my journey in the British Isles. While taking time to rest is most welcome, I am finding that I’m getting excited to get back to work.


On the Antrim Coast of Ireland, we visited the Giant’s Causeway.


This rugged symmetrical rock formation has been a source of intrigue and mystery. Formed millions of years ago by volcanic action, this unique coastline provides a natural and strong rampart against the fierce Atlantic storms.


What an intriguing place!


Magnificent and ornately appointed St. Patrick’s church in Dublin.


I was so impressed with the story telling of the stained glass windows. The church was built during a time when not many people were able to read. The windows would relay the stories from the scripture. None of the original windows are in existence. The new glass was installed in the 19th and 20th century. The new glass honors Irish history, with 4 of the windows commemorating 3 wars, WWI, the Crimean War and the South African War.


This is a picture of the Iveagh Window. Located in the North Transept, it is dedicated to Edward Cecil Guinness, Lord Iveagh and son of Benjamin Lee Guinness.


Over the years the Cathedral has become home to a variety of sculptures, statutes and windows many of which are themed around the life of Saint Patrick.


Sharing a moment with a Scotsman in Glasgow.


What a magnificent view from Edinburgh Castle!


I found many gardens and walkways of beautiful green. I have added to my mind’s catalogue many places to paint.


Upon my return to the states, the van will be heading to Gettysburg, PA for a show with King James Galleries on June 1st and 2nd. The new print that will be released, The Den, has a story behind it. Gettysburg is rich with American history and gallery manager Debra Starry is well versed in it. She envisioned a painting that would tie a historic battlefield to life today. Her suggestion was to have the native red fox in the painting. The Den presents Devil’s Den, a civil war battlefield that saw intense action on July 2, 1863. Devil’s Den is a ridge strewn with large boulders south of the town of Gettysburg. Included in the painting is the witness tree. This tree was standing during the time of the battle. It is estimated that there are between 100 and 200 hundred witness trees that are still living in the area from this time period. I am looking forward to this show and I hope to see you there!


Until next week,



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