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Dear Friends,


My daughter Patty and I had an outstanding albeit short visit to West Virginia last weekend. We arrived in Huntington on Friday and had the pleasure of sharing dinner with longtime friends Robin and Ben Millard. My show with 3rd Avenue Art Gallery & Framing by Jenks started at 10 am on Saturday and stayed busy most of the day. My thanks to 3rd Avenue for being such exceptional hosts and I look forward to returning in the fall.


3rd Avenue Art Gallery
owner Patti DelCheccolo joins me in this photo.


Many of you have inquired about a service for my son John. I am grateful for the continued outpouring of love for me and my family as we reconcile this loss. Your cards and letters, and now the donations to my Foundation, have moved me to tears on more than one occasion. We had a family celebration of life for John at my home in Waynesboro last Sunday. It was the kind of day that could not have been scripted better. The allurement of the Blue Ridge Mountains was on full display and I can’t help but think that John was smiling as the family shared stories and a meal together. A gentle reminder for all of us, if I may, would be to remember that tomorrow is never guaranteed and to take the time today for each other.


John’s widow Maureen and me.


Until next week,





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