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Dear Friends,


It is with a heavy heart that I write to you this week. My dear friend Les Martin passed away last week. This wonderful man and his wife, Pat, are the owners of Martin’s Gallery in Hanover, Pennsylvania. More importantly though, they are my friends. I met Les early in my career when we were both gaining a foothold in our respective businesses. Over the years, what began as a business relationship became a very dear friendship. My love goes out to Pat and the family during this time of transition. I’d like to share a few memories of Les with you.


One of the earliest photos that I have of me with the Martins is from a show called “Artarama”. This show was held in the 1980’s in New York City.


Fast forward to 2011. Les framed our Artarama photo from the 1980’s and we all marveled at how fast the time had passed. We did decide, however, that we still looked the same.


I had the privilege of being with the Martins when they welcomed their first grandchild, Payton Lynne. Here I am surrounded by the Martin family and the caring members of the Lake Marburg Chapter of the P. Buckley Moss Society. What a loving community.


Our last show together was in November of 2017. It was such a special occasion since we were celebrating Martin’s Picture Framings’ 40th anniversary in addition to Les and Pat’s 48th wedding anniversary. The atmosphere was quite festive, just like so many other times that we spent together. The show coincided with Veterans Day and the birthday of VMI. Les donned his uniform and became “Our Soldier” for the day.


Attending the funeral with me were my daughters, Ginny and Patty, along with Corrado (Ginny’s husband). So many people gave tributes to Les. He was known by all as an ethical, upstanding man who had a caring heart for children. I was touched by the statements made by his children professing their gratitude to a loving and caring Dad who was sometimes tough. I am happy to be part of that family.


Until next week,



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