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July 12-14

Barn Show & Gallery
Open House
Waynesboro, VA
(540) 949-6473
August 2-4
Steppin' Out/Gallery Show
Blacksburg, VA
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August 17
Mathews Market Days
Poster Release
Mathews, VA
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Dear Friends,


In a way it feels a little like the night before Christmas as I am packing for my show in Waynesboro, VA. My cousins will be in town for the weekend, and I can’t wait to see them. Family occupies such a big part of my heart and it’s a crucial element in my painting as well. The Waynesboro Gallery will be releasing my new print Summer at Monticello on Friday, July 12th. I hope you’ll take some extra time during your gallery visit to see all of my work that has been beautifully framed by Corrado. I will be at my home (the Barn) on Friday and Saturday to meet with you and sign my work. On Sunday I will be at the gallery located at 329 W. Main St.


Summer at Monticello, IS: 8-1/2 x 13-5/16 ins., $95.


Saturday evening’s Foundation Dinner at my house sounds like it’s going to be a blast! The Foundation office says there are only 10 tickets left for this event. Society member and dear friend, Shirley Collins has graciously offered to sell the remaining tickets at the Barn on Friday and Saturday. The Society desk just inside the front door to the right is where you will find Shirley. Tickets are $40. Proceeds from the dinner will benefit the education grants and scholarships that the Moss Foundation offers. Here is the link with the information about the dinner.

Here are some pictures from last year's dinner.  We had such a good time!


My fellow Italy travelers, if you haven’t heard, the souvenir photo book is now available. Joe Jennelle will be bringing some of them to Waynesboro for distribution. Between the Barn show, the dinner and the book, there certainly will be no shortage of conversation. I hope you’ll join me this weekend!


Until next week,



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