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 P. Buckley Moss Newsletter

August 6-8, 2021
Steppin' Out & Gallery 
Show, Blacksburg, VA
(540) 552-6446
Sept. 11, 2021
Mathews Market Days
Mathews, VA
(800) 430-1320
Sept. 24-25, 2021
Frames and More
Osage, IA
(641) 832-3067

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Dear Friends,


My daughter Mary arrived in Mathews accompanied by my granddaughter Kate, and what a welcome sight they were! Even though I’ll see Mary when I return to Radford the first of next week, it was so nice to see her and Kate in a different setting. The three of us managed to get in trips to Yorktown, Jamestown, and even the thrift store; all punctuated with stops for wonderful fresh seafood. It was like being together for a week in only 2 days!


Merroir has become a family favorite place for us to go for seafood. It is located in Topping, Virginia at Locklies Marina. The food was excellent and the view is outstanding.


I miss seeing my grandchildren and having Kate visit was such a pleasure. Here she is pictured with her sister Sarah at the recently held Floyd Fest
. They were celebrating 7 months of clear scans for Sarah.


I would like to thank Brenda Dahl, one of our many quilters, for her recent gift of 2 quilts to benefit the Moss Foundation. Since its inception, the quilt program has been an extraordinary fundraiser and used to provide funding for the PBM Endowed Scholarship. While I am thanking Brenda for her amazing creations, know that I am also thanking all of you who over the years have supported and sustained this program. Take a look at Brenda’s quilts!


My daughter Patty (L) and Moss Portfolio employee Lisa Walker join me in a “showcase of quilts.” Each one of Brenda’s quilts is designed around a hand-painted centerpiece of mine. Don’t you just love her work? If you are a quilter and interested in participating in this program, please call the Foundation office at 800-430-1320.


I believe humor is a vital element in a healthy lifestyle and I particularly love when it is about art. Humor can also be a useful tool for children when it is integrated into learning.  For example, for a youth program at church, our very own Lisa Walker and her husband led participants in an art discovery program. Everyone was asked to recreate a famous work of art. The results were hilarious.


Here is Lisa and Martin in their recreation of Woman with a Parasol. Do you know who this famous impressionist painter is?


In just over one week I will be at the P Buckley Moss Gallery of Blacksburg for an open house running concurrent with the annual Steppin’ Out Festival. I’ll be meeting collectors and signing my work from noon until 2 pm on Friday, August 6th at the Moss Gallery Tent on College Avenue near the Lyric Theatre. On Saturday and Sunday, you’ll find me at the gallery located at Kent Square, 216 S. Main St. I plan to be at there from 11 -3 on Saturday and noon until 3 on Sunday. For show inquiries, I encourage you to visit or call the friendly staff at 540-552-6446. See you there!


During your visit to the P Buckley Moss Gallery of Blacksburg, look for gallery manager Wendy Nestor to help you find your favorite Moss artwork and select framing that compliments your home.


Until next week,



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