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Dear Friends,


When I am working at my drawing table, or gardening, or doing pretty much any activity that brings me joy, I frequently think about our Moss community. I am moved by how we as a group, working together over the last many years, have become a gentle force for good in our communities. We have forged lifelong bonds with one another and share some pretty outstanding memories. Through good times and challenging times, I have drawn inspiration from you. I like to think of us as a big symphony with many songs to sing.  Recently, we have lost 2 people in our community who truly embodied the ideals of the Moss Community. Floyd Boothe of Richmond, VA was a member of the Moss on the James Chapter of the Moss Society. To say Floyd was my friend somehow seems inadequate. Floyd had the biggest heart and I so enjoyed his humor. He and his wife joined me on a number of Society trips. An ardent supporter for homeless and orphaned children, Floyd supported the Methodist Children’s Home (UMFS) in Richmond. Paul Fuller, another Moss society member and traveler, will also be missed. Full of stories, Paul brought to life the state of West Virginia for me. I enjoyed his company. I was so glad that Paul was able to see Italy with me in 2017.


May 2017, Floyd speaking to guests attending the Moss on the James Tea held at UMFS Richmond.


My friend Paul. Photo credit: Joe Jennelle


I will be at the Moss Gallery of Blacksburg this weekend for an Open House. Together we will be releasing my new prints that are a celebration of Venice. Those of you who have made the journey to Italy know what a special place it is. Each of the different regions have their unique and distinctive charm. I am pleased to be able to share my impressions of Venice with you.


Basilica of Santa Maria Della Salute, IS: 12-5/16 x 8 ins. Edition 500 and 25 AP’s $85


Rialto Remembered, IS: 8 x 12-7/16 ins. Edition 500 and 25 AP’s $85


The gallery will also be displaying the 2019 Moss Foundation quilt and selling raffle tickets. The tickets are $3 each or 2 for $5. The money raised from this raffle will support the educational programs offered by the Foundation.


2019 Moss Foundation quilt features one of my hand painted centerpieces. This lovely quilt was designed and made by Jeannine McNeill and Linda Gorman.


It promises to be a busy weekend in Blacksburg since the 39th Annual Steppin’ Out Festival is also being held. Art, music, food and fun will make your weekend extraordinary. The gallery will have a booth at the festival located at College Ave., East End, near the Lyric Theatre. For information and directions to Steppin’ Out, please follow this link. I hope to see you there!


Until next week,



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