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Dear Friends,


“Laughter is an instant vacation.”

-Milton Berle


I love my family, my extended one too, and when we get together our time is filled with laughter and merriment. Of course, there is generally a meal involved, and this week was no exception. I had the pleasure of joining Coach Kenny Brooks for a thank you luncheon. This wonderful man has put together an outstanding program for the Virginia Tech women’s basketball team. These girls are thriving under Coach Brooks’ guidance. I am so happy to have provided support for this program.  I must mention another connection that I have with Coach Brooks. He grew up in Waynesboro about the same time as my children did. All I can say is he must have had a wonderful mother because of the man he is today.


Teamwork gets the job done, with Coach Kenny Brooks.


Our Coliseum is the print that I did to help raise funds for the Virginia Tech Women’s Basketball program. I think it is important for us to support these sports programs.


My week culminated in an eventful weekend at home with friends. Some of the friends that we made at Quilt Camp at Sea were visiting my daughter Mary at her lake cabin. Additionally my daughter Becky held her annual pie smack-down on my patio. Together we welcomed guests from all over including California and Australia! The food was outstanding and the company even better. The afternoon rain didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits.


Our dear and talented friends from Quilt Camp at Sea, from L to R, Sandi Hurd, Debra McCarriar, Stephanie Rayfield, me, Mary Donnelly and Nancy Agler.


Winning pie from the smack-down, Patsy Jansons’ empanadas. They tasted as good as they looked!


I am delighted to tell you that the release of my new print, Sidna Allen House, is on August 25th. I will be at the Carroll County Courthouse in Hillsville, VA from 12pm-2pm for signing. Some of the proceeds from this print are to benefit the restoration project of this grand home. Built in 1911, the 8 room J. Sidna Allen house was constructed with some of the finest wood around. It should be noted that Mr. Allen had a considerable talent when working with wood. Some of the furniture pieces that he made are on display at the Carroll County Historical Museum. When the house was completed it was considered by many to be the most beautiful house in Southwest Virginia. Sadly J. Sidna Allen and his wife Bettie only lived in this home for 1 year. Here is a link that expands on the colorful history of this home and provides more information about my signing event.



The Sidna Allen House


Thank you to everyone who took the time and responded to last week’s newsletter story about scholarship winner Andrew Swiger. I think it is so important to put a name, face and story to the people that the Moss Foundation is helping. A few inquiries were received as to how to help the Foundation. There are numerous ways to help besides writing a check. A good example would be the Foundation quilt program. Over the years many of you have seen these beautiful quilts at an auction or a raffle. A few of you own these lovely artworks. Do you know how the Foundation acquires these quilts? First, I draw and donate my art on centerpieces of varying sizes. Volunteer quilters then choose a center to work with and design a quilt around it. The quilters donate their time, resources and skills. The money raised from the quilts then benefits the Foundation’s education programs. If you think you’d be interested in working on a quilt, please contact the Foundation office for more information. The phone number is 800-430-1320, and the email is


These are a few of the centerpieces that are available for quilters.


This quilt was just received by the Foundation. It was designed and made by Marth Williams of Florida. Isn’t it lovely?


I am grateful for all the time I have had to paint. While I am in the middle of numerous projects, I want to share a new painting with you.


Untitled Landscape


Until next week,



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