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Dear Friends,


By all these lovely tokens September days are here,

With summer's best of weather

And autumn's best of cheer

-Helen Hunt Jackson


It is almost September and I am wondering where has the summer gone.  I am happy to say that I have had the most productive summer in my studio. I can’t wait to share my new work with you during my upcoming fall tour. Last weekend I was thrilled to go to the Historic Carroll County Courthouse for the release of my new print, The Sidna Allen House. I love to meet collectors and I received an exceptionally warm welcome from this community. What is truly heart-warming is how much we have accomplished by working together to save this grand old home. I’d like to share an article about this event written by Mr. David Broyles of The Carroll News.


P. Buckley Moss benefit for Allen House proves popular


David Broyles | The Carroll News


A weekend benefit art signing by world-renowned artist P. Buckley Moss Saturday at the Historic Carroll County Court House proved popular. It was a first locally for the famed artist who was on hand to sign copies of her new print, “The Sidna Allen House.”

The signing was held to benefit ongoing restoration of the historic J. Sidna Allen House in Fancy Gap with portions of the proceeds going toward the restoration. It was another example of the story’s continuing ability to captivate.


These Carroll County Historical Society Members took time out from a busy P. Buckley Moss print signing Saturday for a photo opportunity with the artist. Proceeds from the event will benefit restoration of the J. Sidna Allen Home in Fancy Gap. Pictured from left are Bill Webb, Anne McGrady, Effie Thompson, Mary Anna Turner, P. Buckley Moss, Greg Goad and Mark Harmon.

Moss was in attendance at an April 30 performance of “Thunder in the Hills” at the historic court house this spring. The artist used that occasion to announce, via Carroll County Historical Society Board Member Greg Goad, she would be painting a new picture with the J. Sidna Allen House as its focal point. After the signing, Moss said the sense of community evident at the performance really struck a note with her.

“Everyone who participated in it (was wonderful), the dancing, the fiddle playing which is on the porch here (today) was wonderful. My daughter filmed it and posted it on her Facebook,” Moss recalled. “Everybody loved it. Everybody said, ‘Oh wow! Where was that?’ They just loved it.”


This trio entertained participants with music from the time of the Carroll Courthouse Tragedy during a benefit art signing by P. Buckley Moss on August 25 at the historic courthouse. Pictured from left are James Tate, Stu Shenk and Stanley Widener. Shenk also plays Sidna Allen in the drama “Thunder in the Hills” and Widener’s family was the last ones to live in the historic Sidna Allen Home before it became a rental property.


She said local dentist Marlon Goad encouraged her to do a piece on the home. She said she used photos of the structure to work from as she created the print. Moss said architecture continues to be an inspiration for her and her work, with creations featuring townhouses and country homes. She said just came back from a trip where she took a lot of photographs of artist (Claude) Monet’s home and gardens and is looking forward to a return trip which will allow her more time there.

“I think there was a great response (to the print signing). I love talking to people and hearing different stories about the history and the family of the house. It’s so interesting,” said Moss. “One fellow came over and gave me a disc of music. One of the cuts was about the massacre. I’m going to listen to it on the way home. It’s really interesting.”


Mary Edwards at left, chats with world-renowned artist P. Buckley Moss during a benefit print signing at the Historic Carroll County Courthouse on August 25. Moss attended an April 30 performance of “Thunder in the Hills” this spring and announced via Carroll County Historical Society Board Member Greg Goad that she would be painting a new picture with the J. Sidna Allen House as its focal point.

Historical Society Member Mark Harmon shared information on the status of renovations at the historic home including repairs to the roof, which will take place in stages.

“Eventually we are going to have to replace the whole roof and that’s going to be expensive. The reason we will do the roof over the porch was because of the new columns and (decking) the porch. The original metal is still on the house. It needs to be replaced,” said Harmon. “We have already ordered (roofing) for the front side and the front porch of the house. The last couple of weeks Ionian columns have been put along the front porch along with new flooring.”

Harmon said the work matches the tongue-in-groove work originally done but will be more durable and last longer because it is a composite material. Although 19 columns have been installed there are still a few more to go. He said the columns feature a fleur-de-lis (lily) pattern which was on the original columns.

“The original fleur-de-lis were made of terra cotta. We still have some of the pieces. Some windows on the front have been restored but we have to remove the lead paint off the trim, which is a difficult process,” Harmon said. “We hope to begin grading on a driveway at the back from the direction of Sky View (Baptist Church) through the courtesy of Roland and Virgil Hall.”

He said the money from the benefit would be very significant for restoration because any renovation costs money. He said if anyone has ever been involved in restoring a house they know there is always a “snag.”

“The Sidna Allen House, because it is historic, has even more snags. It is 108 years old. We called three companies about getting guttering on the house. All three refused,” said Harmon. “This is because it is historical with all the angles. It’s hard to find workmen who are able to do it and are willing to do it. We all know if a workman is really good, they are always booked up.”

He said Gary Cassell would begin work on roof of the front of the home and the porch as soon as the shingles arrive. The shingles will look like the original slate roofing but are made of a lighter, recycled material with a 50-year warranty. He estimated the shingles on the front half of the home would run more than $6,000 (without factoring in the cost of other materials needed).


At times Saturday a double line formed as participants in a benefit at the Historic Carroll Courthouse waited to have prints signed by renowned artist P. Buckley Moss. The signing was held to benefit ongoing restoration of the historic J. Sidna Allen House in Fancy Gap.

By David Broyles -

My daughters Becky and Mary joined me Saturday night for the 6th Annual Alexander Black Tie Gala held at the Alexander Black House in Blacksburg, Virginia. I am proud to support another project that gives to the community. This year the funds raised are specifically targeted to renovate the community space of the Black House, which has come to be known as the “Blacksburg Living Room.” When completed, this space will provide a venue for all types of community events.


The gala served a delicious southwestern themed meal, with dancing afterwards. I am taking a turn on the dance floor with good friend Ronnie Marcum. Ronnie and his wife, Fay, sponsored our table.


It was so good to reunite with friends at the Gala. From L to R:  Dr. Marisela Hemphill and Dr. Brian Hemphill, current president of Radford University; me, Vinod and Ranjana Chachra.


We just had to take this photo together when we realized that we all see Clinton to have our hair done! From L to R: Becky Ghezzi, poet Nikki Giovanni, Mary Donnelly, me, Virginia Fowler and Jane Wemhoner.


I will be returning to my home on the bay the weekend after Labor Day to be part of the annual Market Days celebration. I am looking forward to reuniting with my daughter Patty, the staff at the Moss Distribution center and my Mathews friends. I will be releasing a new ornament to commemorate the occasion. It highlights Mathews' rich maritime heritage. I will be greeting friends and collectors at the distribution center on Saturday, September 8, from 10am to 4pm. I will have more details in my next newsletter.


Life on the Chesapeake, the new release ornament for Mathews Market Days.


Until next week,



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