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Sept. 11, 2021
Mathews Historical
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Sept. 24-25, 2021
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Oct. 1-2, 2021
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Dear Friends,


“Perhaps, we come to appreciate the gift of being alive by accepting that life will always be an ebb and flow of wavering emotions, and that our role is to simply be present with it all.” Rasha Al Jabi


I have a change in my show schedule to share with you. Based upon the analytics provided by local Three Rivers Health District, Mathews County has cancelled the annual Market Days Festival that was to be held on Saturday, September 11th. Please know that I will still be in Mathews to meet with you. This change has provided an opportunity for me to spend more time at the Mathews Historical Museum where we will be releasing my new print and trivet, The Light Shines On. This image was created in celebration of the recent completion of the restoration of the New Point Comfort Light. The print will sell for $60 and the trivet will be $20.


The Light Shines On trivet and print will be available for purchase through the Mathews Historical Museum with a portion of the proceeds to benefit the museum. I will be there signing from noon until 4 pm. The address is 198 Main St, Mathews, VA 23109. Additionally my distribution center, located nearby at 74 Poplar Grove Lane, will be receiving guests at the same time.  For both of these events, you must wear a face mask and practice social distancing. It is very important for us to look after one another during this continuing health crisis.


Our first Monday in September is coming up in a few days and with it we celebrate Labor Day. As Labor Day has evolved over the years, the significance of the celebration has shifted from acknowledgement of the social and economic achievements of American workers to now signify the end of summer. I am fascinated by history and having lost relatives in the infamous NYC Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, for Labor Day 2021 I would like to share the story of the origins of this holiday.  Carpenter Peter J. McGuire was the person who came up with the idea for Labor Day. He felt that American workers should be honored with a special day and on September 5, 1882 the first celebration was held in New York City. It was quite the event in which 10,000 workers paraded from City Hall to Union Square. The day also included a picnic, concert and speeches. In 1894 Congress passed the legislation that made Labor Day a national holiday. Over the years, conversations generated from Labor Day activities have helped provide opportunities to improve working conditions.


Happy Labor Day!
American Pride IS: 7-5/8 x 6 ins. PS: 11-1/8 x 10-1/8 ins.


How I have missed the Virginia Tech Women’s Basketball team and games! My daughter Mary and I recently attended the Hokie Hardwood Club dinner in support of the team and I got to spend some time with the players. I saw some old friends and made a few new ones. This outstanding program has become a favorite of mine at the university. The team is led by Waynesboro native Kenny Brooks who in addition to teaching basketball helps the team learn life skills.


Joining me in this photo are Jean Hahn and star player Aisha Sheppard


I was so happy to get a little conversation in with VT Women’s Basketball Coach Kenny Brooks. Shortly after this photo was taken, all of our phones went off with a tornado/take shelter warning stemming from the remnants of Ida. Speaking of Ida, I encourage everyone to locate and help those agencies who are assisting our Gulf Coast friends who have been severely impacted by this violent storm. After all, aren’t we our brother’s and sister’s keepers? 


Until next week,



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