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Dear Friends,

On National Dog Day, my daughter Patty and I made the acquaintance of Sadie, the newest family member of our friend’s Don and Bonnie.  Isn’t she beautiful

My daughters created a new studio for me in my Mathews home by moving the old one downstairs. It overlooks the water, and just outside the window is a lilac and a huge rosemary bush. The setting is divine! The girls also put a bird feeder out that stays busy from sunup to sundown.

By studying the light and making subtle adjustments to my table, I will make this into a wonderful creative space. Joining me in this photo are my daughters Patty (L) and Becky.

This weekend I will be judging an art contest at the Reynolds Homestead in Critz, Virginia. The JEB Stuart Art Show is in its 45th year.  The contest is open to adult residents of the Virginia counties of Henry, Patrick, Floyd and Carroll, as well as the North Carolina counties of Surry and Stokes. While I do not get to interact with the artists, I love the opportunity to witness their creative endeavors on display. Art in itself provides conversation, wouldn’t you agree?

I visited the Reynolds Homestead earlier this year. You may remember this photo from that visit. Such a lovely place!

I would like to pose a question. My staff at the Portfolio and I have been trying to decide which of these original paintings to offer in a print form. We’d love to have your input and would ask you to vote on your choice. Please select painting “A”, “B” or “C” and email your selection to In the email title line, write Print Vote.

Here are the selections.

Inspired by the awesome power of wind, I recently finished this watercolor.

B. Pencil sketch. Chickens frequently adorn kitchenware and that has been the case in my family’s home for many years. Colorful and full of attitude, I enjoy drawing the many moods of the chicken.

C. Cardinal on Black. This is another recently completed piece showcasing a frequent visitor to my porch.

We look forward to hearing from you and I will share the selected piece in an October newsletter.

Until next week,


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