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 P. Buckley Moss Newsletter

Oct 13-15
Fall Barn Show & Gallery Open House  Waynesboro, VA
Oct 20-21
Canada Goose Gallery Waynesville, OH
Oct 28
King James Galleries Winchester, VA

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Dear Friends,


Ours is a circle of friendships united by ideals.” Juliette Gordon Low


Thank you to Berlin Creek Gallery for the most extraordinary show this past weekend. What an event! I saw so many old friends and made new ones. I have pictures to share with you.


Good stories and a little merriment set the tone for the weekend.


Reunions are one of my favorite aspects of a gallery show, especially when someone shows up unexpectedly. Sandy White (L) along with Robin and Ben Millard (R) travelled from Huntington, WV.


I had the pleasure of getting to spend time with Jerel and Dan during the Moss Society tour of the United Kingdom last May. It was so good to see them again.


Carmen Hadley (L), holding a Moss original, was also on that trip. Her sister Suzan is pictured on the right.  


I had an intense conversation with Atlas about creating art. He wanted to know everything about it. I just love talking with children and seeing the wonder in their eyes.


Joining Alysha and me in this photo is one of my new friends and collectors, PFC Saint Chevelle Hustle. He recently was discharged and is now serving in the reserves. The print that we are holding is titled, “Thomas Point Light.”


Did I mention that we ate? Beginning Thursday evening, I was treated to three Amish dinners. The food was good, but the best part was having all of you there.


Berlin Creek Gallery, my love and thanks for a fantastic show.


My car wheels are pointed towards Waynesboro, VA this weekend for my annual Fall Barn Show and Gallery Open House with the P Buckley Moss Gallery of Waynesboro. Our three day show runs concurrent with the Fall Foliage Festival. The entire weekend in Waynesboro is filled with activities too numerous to list. I invite you to check out for information on the festival, lodging, restaurants and local attractions. You’ll find that you will want to be there all 3 days.


Beginning on Friday, the gallery will officially release my new print Afternoon Outing, shown above. My son-in-law Corrado has spent the last month fervently working on the ideal framing for it. I feel so blessed that he and the Moss framing community are so good at what they do. Take, for example, this newly framed remarque of Afternoon Outing. What I like about it is how the artwork is enhanced.


Framed remarque of Afternoon Outing. Can you spot all of the additions to the print?


The gallery has put together one of their delightful gift baskets to be given away during this event.


During your gallery visit take time to see my latest artwork along with some old favorites newly framed such as this one, Fall Bouquet.


Up to date show information can be found by following this link, or contacting the gallery at 540-949-6473.


The Moss Foundation will have a children’s art booth set up on Main St during the festival. This year’s art project is titled Oculus, and it will have the children creating a translucent window hanging using contact and tissue paper and plate plates.


The Moss Foundation Oculus project will have children exploring colors, light and shadows along with developing motor skills. I definitely will be making one.


I have a Waynesboro story to share. When I moved there many years ago with my young family, I had experienced very little of the great outdoors. My eyes were open wide with wonder at the grand open spaces, forest and the wildlife that inhabited it. My early artwork reflected my core values of family and home, but I was compelled to expand my subject matter. One of my early explorations into wildlife art was a commission by the fledgling Wildlife Center of Virginia. It was 1987 and the center had only been in operation for 5 years, but was rapidly growing. Ed Clark, current president of the center, provided me with photos of screech owls from which I created a painting for fundraising. It is now 40 years later and this painting is being made available again to help the center. Take a moment to visit the wildlife center’s website to learn about the valuable lifesaving work that they do.


My original watercolor of the screech owl is being auctioned to help the Wildlife Center of Virginia. This is a close-up of the owls. The auction closes on Friday, October 13th. To learn more and place a bid, please visit Look for item number 19.


Until next week,



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