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 P. Buckley Moss Newsletter

Oct. 23-24

Canada Goose Gallery
Waynesville, OH
(513) 897-4348
Oct. 30-31
King James Galleries
Gettysburg, PA
(717) 398-2034
Nov. 28-29
Made in Mathews
P Buckley Moss Galleries
Mathews, VA
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Dear Friends,


How absolutely amazing for the Moss Foundation to be the recipient of a second quilt! Penny Westbrook created, pieced and meticulously hand quilted around one of my hand painted centerpieces. I love it! We are so grateful for her generosity and hard work.


Close up of Penny’s quilt. Don’t you just love the colors?


My destination this week is Canada Goose Gallery in Waynesville, Ohio. The dates are Friday, October 23rd and Saturday, October 24th. Accompanying me on this journey will be my daughters Patty and Becky. To add to our trip, Halloween is just around the corner and we will be staying at a local inn that has been reported to have a haunted room. Sounds like an adventure in the making, doesn’t it? Look for us at the gallery located at 97 S. Main St. in the heart of historic Waynesville from 10 am until 5 pm each day. Canada Goose Gallery is home to a large collection of Moss originals and has custom framing available to suit any household.


Joining me in this photo from 2013 is gallery owner Laura Deramus. When I look back through pictures of past shows, my heart is touched by the caring shown by the gallery and the Moss community. Over the years we have worked together on many fundraising projects. This year’s fundraiser benefits an educational group, The Lebanon Alumni Association.


King James Galleries of Gettysburg is my next stop. The show dates are Friday, October 30th from 5 until 7 pm and Saturday, October 31st from 10 am until 3 pm. Even though the pandemic has put a damper on many of the annual Gettysburg Halloween festivities, I know that manager Debra Starry will have the gallery creatively festooned with all the bright colors of autumn. For this show, there is a second print that we will be releasing together. It had originally been scheduled for release during the gallery’s April show which ended up being cancelled. The title is Garden Jewel.


My new print
, Garden Jewel, framed by Debra for the show. You may preorder your print, framed or unframed by calling King James Galleries at 717-398-2034. When you visit the gallery be sure to ask about the framing special for this show. Garden Jewel is

$55 and IS: 5-1/4 x 7-1/4 ins.


Until next week,



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