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 P. Buckley Moss Newsletter

Nov. 6, 2021
Gallery Art Center,
Columbus, OH
(614) 442-1109
Nov. 20, 2021
Up Against the Wall Gallery
Kingsport, TN
(423) 246-7210
Nov. 26-28, 2021
Made in Mathews
Mathews, VA
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Dear Friends,


Welcome November! The evening temperatures here have taken a significant dip resulting in a stunning display of color just outside the window by my drawing table as observed by Pi.


With the arrival of November I would like to let you know that November 15th marks the last day for signup for the Moss Society Sicily Dream Tour. I do hope you will consider taking this extraordinary journey with me and my family. Those of you that have travelled with me previously know that this will be another exceptional experience. Here is a link to the tour itinerary which includes your reservation contact information.


Shortly my daughter Becky and I will be on our way to Columbus, Ohio for a 1 day gallery open house with my friends at Gallery Art Center to be held on Saturday, November the 6th. We will have a lot to catch up on having missed getting together last year. For this show, gallery owner Suzi Campbell will be donating a portion of the proceeds from my new print Ohio Bicentennial Barn, Delaware County, Ohio to benefit the preservation of this barn as well as support the development of a new park. The barn was built in the early 1900’s on land farmed by the McCammon family. It and the adjacent land was donated to Preservation Parks by Bob and Sue (McCammon) Postle.


Notice the iconic bicentennial logo on the side of this barn. Did you know that artist Scott Hagan painted a logo on a barn in each of Ohio’s 88 counties as part of the 2003 bicentennial statehood celebration? Photo credit: Bob Postle


My new print,
Ohio Bicentennial Barn, Delaware County, Ohio. $90, IS: 9-11/16 x 11-1/4 ins. Edition 250 and 25 ap’s


Last week’s visit to apple country, as I like to describe Winchester, VA, was a delight. My thanks to King James Galleries of Winchester, friends and collectors for such a warm welcome.


How wonderful to meet all 3 generations of the Antonelli family who collect my work!


Until next week,



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