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 P. Buckley Moss Newsletter

Nov. 23-24

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Kingsport, TN
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Dec. 1
King James Galleries
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Dec. 7-9
Barn Show & Gallery
Open House

Waynesboro, VA
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Dear Friends,


The holiday preparations have begun and I couldn’t be more excited. Every year at the Winter Barn Show and Gallery Open House, I return to my home and find it beautifully decorated courtesy of the Waynesboro Gallery and a local elementary school. My daughter Ginny carefully orchestrates this collaboration with the teachers and students. This year’s ornaments are being created by Berkeley Glenn Elementary School. Berkeley Glenn holds a special place in the Moss family heart. All of my children went to school there. This week I was fortunate to receive a preview of what the children are working on.


Hard at work. I can’t wait to see all of the finished ornaments!


Proudly displaying her finished ornament. All of the students and their parents are invited to gather at my Barn for a tree lighting ceremony to be held on Saturday, December 8, 2018 at 10 am. Parents that need directions please contact the Waynesboro Gallery at 540-949-6473. The Barn Show and Signing will begin at 11 am.


I am pleased to share with you my 2018 Christmas print. It is titled All Roads Lead Home. I have a very personal attachment to this painting. I live at the end of a long country road in the Virginia mountains that winds through the trees. This painting evokes the warm and peaceful feelings I get upon my return home.


All Roads Lead Home, my 2018 Christmas print is available now from your local Moss dealer. The price is $80.


Even though I did not have a show this week, I still managed to get a bit of travel in. It is always a pleasure to visit family and friends. My daughter Becky and I enjoyed a wonderful evening with the Hemphill family in Radford. Brian Hemphill is the president of Radford University. He and his wife, Marisela, were the most gracious of hosts.  Our dinner was a feast that was prepared by Chef T, a former participant on Hell’s Kitchen. Conversation was interesting and centered around engaging today’s student. Following dinner we were treated to a performance of Chinese Warriors in Peking. This style of dance melds the discipline of martial arts movement with the grace of acrobatics. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Drs. Brian and Marisela Hemphill


My impromptu road trip also took me to Mathews, Virginia for a brief visit to my distribution center. The highlight of the trip was enjoying lunch with my daughters Patty and Becky at a new Mathews eatery. Hole in the Wall Waterfront Grill is located on Gwynn’s Island at the site of the old Sea Breeze Restaurant. The structure has been raised and it provides outstanding views of the drawbridge and harbor.


My daughter Patty shares a hug with me at Hole in the Wall.


I hope everyone has taken a moment to purchase a quilt raffle ticket from the Moss Foundation. The drawing is coming up soon (December 9th) and you don’t want to miss out. The money raised from the quilt goes into the P. Buckley Moss Endowed Scholarship fund. In others words, it is put to use right away. Our raffle quilt this year was beautifully crafted by Lana Kleimon of Georgia. Tickets are $3 each, or 2 for $5. Tickets will be available for purchase at any of my remaining shows this month, as well as at the December Barn Show and Gallery Open House. You may also order them by contacting the Foundation office by email, or by calling 800-430-1320.


Lana Kleimon’s beautiful quilt would be a wonderful addition to any home, wouldn’t you agree?


My gift to the Foundation this year will be the money that I use to paint, produce and mail my annual Christmas card. While I have enjoyed this annual connection with you, I feel strongly that this money will be doing a greater service by helping to provide educational opportunities for our children.


Until next week,



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