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November 22-23

Up Against the Wall Gallery
Kingsport, TN
(423) 246-7210
November 29-30
Frames and More
Osage, IA
(641) 832-3067
December 7
King James Galleries
Gettysburg, PA
(717) 398-2034

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Dear Friends,


The Moss Society 2020 tour to the British Isles signup is drawing to a close. Up until November 22nd you will receive a $200 discount per person on your booking. After November 22nd, Collette Travel will be opening up the trip to the general public to fill the tour. You may be able to book at a later date, dependent on seat availability. Have you ever travelled with the Moss Society? If not, now is a great time to start. We will begin our journey in London, one of the greatest cities of the world. From there we board a bus and go to Stonehenge, Bath, Wales, Killarney, and Dublin, just to name a few. I am so excited to go on this trip and I hope you will join me. For tour information, please follow this link.


Beautiful Wales. Photo credit: Simon Kitchin


My Winchester visit to King James Galleries was a delight. We kicked off the Christmas season together in fine style. Marian, the gallery manager and master framer, and I spent time together conferring on framing projects. I appreciate her keen eye for color. The day was full of conversation and reunions with friends and I didn’t get many pictures taken. Thank you everyone who took time out of your busy schedules to come to the gallery.


I am helping to select matting for a collector who was having their print
First Snow framed.


My next show will take me to the Tri Cities, specifically Kingsport, Tennessee. I have been working with Up Against the Wall Gallery owner Mike Milhorn on a new print that will be of great interest to animal lovers. It is titled, Pet Works. Many of us share our homes with cats and dogs and they are part of our families. There are a number of animals that need homes and this new print, which celebrates our affections for our animals, will be used by the gallery as fundraiser for a company called PETWORKS. PETWORKS is not your typical animal shelter and it is evidenced in their mission statement. The statement reads, “PETWORKS is dedicated to providing the best possible care to the lost and homeless animals of the City of Kingsport. We strive to end animal suffering and pet overpopulation in Kingsport through progressive and proactive policies and programs including adoption, rescue, spay/neuter and responsible ownership education.” A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this print will benefit the programs for the homeless animals. The print will be available for purchase from Up Against the Wall Gallery beginning on Saturday, November 23rd. If you’re in the Tri-Cities area, be sure to tune in to WCYB TV on Friday, November 22nd for News 5 at Noon, when Mike and I will be sharing information on this print.


Pet Works, $80, IS: 8 x 11-7/16 ins., Edition 250 and 25 ap’s. You may pre order this print by contacting the gallery at 423-246-7210. For information on PETWORKS and how you can help, please visit their website at


Providing for children’s education has been on the forefront of my mind and I have to tell you about another project that I have finished. It is a print to be released at a November 22nd gala at The Wonder Universe, A Children’s Museum, located in Christiansburg, Virginia. This newly opened facility employs the strategy of play, to teach and inspire children and their families to create and learn. With the use of art, in its many forms, children are provided diverse fun interactive opportunities that also assist in building inclusive communities as well as developing motor and cognitive skills.  The print is titled, Eyes of Wonder, and it will be available for purchase from the Moss Gallery of Blacksburg.  Thirty percent of the proceeds from the sales of this print will be donated to The Wonder Universe. Because of a scheduling conflict, I will not be at the museum on November 22nd for the release. My daughter Becky will be there and she’ll be happy to make arrangements so that you may have your print signed. For information, please contact the Blacksburg Gallery at 540-552-6446. To learn more about The Wonder Universe and the gala which includes the unveiling of my Eyes of Wonder print, please visit their website.


Eyes of Wonder, IS: 6-7/8  x 10-3/4 ins., $75


Stay tuned for next weeks detailed description of my return to Iowa! I will be welcoming our newest Moss dealer, Frames and More, in Osage, Iowa. The show dates will be November 29th and 30th, so mark your calendars. Here is a preview of my new print that we will be releasing together. Enjoy!


Cedar Valley Seminary, IS: 9-3/4 x 15 ins., Edition 250 and 25 ap’s, $125


Even with all the travel, I managed to stop by Moonshadows Restaurant in Luray, VA to visit with my favorite chef, who is also my son John. His restaurant and my schedule keeps us both hopping, so we don’t get to see each other very often.


Until next week,



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