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Dec. 1

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Dear Friends,


Thanksgiving began the day before, with my family converging upon my house with their many dishes to share. My family is boisterous and full of life. They fill my home with the pleasant aroma of delicacies that are reserved for especially this day. Family stories are retold and some of the best ones are about my mother. When we share these beloved memories, it is almost like having Gran Liz with us. I cherish this incredible holiday.


Friday morning my daughter Becky and I travelled to Kingsport, Tennessee. Our first stop was WCYB, Channel 5, in Bristol.  Up Against the Wall Gallery owner, Mike Milhorn joined me on the set for a discussion centered around my new print, The Barter Theatre Revisited. While the opening of the Barter Theatre in the 1930’s heralded a unique payment plan for performing arts, the system of bartering has a long history and is still very much alive. I remember as an up and coming artist trading my original work for things that I needed or wanted.


The show at Up Against the Wall Gallery was simply fun. I reconnected with so many people. Here are some highlights from the show.


Ron and Joan Short with their new original. I had the pleasure of meeting Ron last year when I came to Kingsport. Ron works with children through music in the program, WiseJAMS. This program serves children grades 4-8 at Powell Valley Primary/Middle and Appalachia Elementary. WiseJAMS – Big Stone Gap offers lessons on fiddle, banjo and guitar and also features an enrichment class and advanced string band class. Ron is the fiddle instructor and a luthier. WiseJAMS – Big Stone Gap/Appalachia is partnered with The Crooked Road, Virginia State Parks, Friends of the Southwest Virginia Museum, Wise County Public Schools, Mountain Empire Older Citizens Transit, the Town of Coeburn, the Town of Big Stone Gap and Wise County.


Longtime collectors Trevor Christian and his mother, Sheila join me in this photo with their new Moss original. Last year Sheila made a quilt for me. I asked her what I could do for her. I did this painting of her grandmother’s cabin with her grandmother in the rocking chair on the porch. The timeliness of this gift could not have been better, because the grandmother had just passed away. We all had tears in our eyes as the story was being shared.


Up Against the Wall Gallery owners Mike and Lisa Anne wish you a happy holiday and invite you to visit again!


My fall tour continues on December 1st with a much anticipated stop at King James Galleries of Gettysburg. The gallery has been festively decorated, including a unique Christmas tree in the window. More on the tree later. This year the gallery is participating in the inaugural A Gettysburg Christmas Festival. This festival has been put together by a local merchants association and has six distinct holiday themes. Gallery manger Debra Starry says that she has never seen the town this decorated. I can’t wait. The new print that we will be releasing together is titled, Winter at Sachs Bridge. This 100 foot long bridge is thought to have been built by David Stoner in 1852. It was used by both Union and Confederate Troops during the Civil War Battle of Gettysburg, July 1-3, 1863. Spanning Marsh Creek, visitors can walk across this bridge.


Gallery manger Debra Starry is displaying Winter at Sachs Bridge beautifully framed. Now for the tree story. Debra’s Christmas tree was inspired by her desire to continue the November salute to veterans. She and her staff designed and created the red and gold stars that are on the tree. She is asking all veterans and first responders to sign the stars. As you can see, she has been very busy for a lady with a broken ankle!


Located at 15 Baltimore St. in Gettysburg, look for the Moss Geese on the window to find me. The hours are 10 am to 1 pm, 3 pm to 5pm. I’ll be waiting!


“The bond that links your true family is not of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life.”

-Richard Bach


Until next week,



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