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 P. Buckley Moss Newsletter

Dec. 18-19, 2021
Christmas Open House,
Blacksburg, VA
(540) 552-6446
April 22-24, 2022
Barn Show & Gallery
Open House,
Waynesboro, VA
(540) 949-6473

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Dear Friends,


“A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away.” Eudora Welty


The story of my Winter Barn Show and Gallery Open House with the P Buckley Moss Gallery of Waynesboro is best told through the lens of a camera. What a wonderful show and I am so grateful for the gallery staff that put it all together.


Festive and bright, the gallery was filled with friends old, and new.
I was so happy to see each and every one of you.


I finally got to meet the teachers from the Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind whose students made the ornaments for my tree this year
. They even taught me a few signs in ASL like “hello.”


“Naughty or Nice?” Santa wanted to know.


The elegant Christmas gift basket from the P Buckley Moss Gallery of Waynesboro went home with Linda Yoder.


What a special treat to meet our quilt maker Nancy Gore who travelled from Ohio with her husband to participate in the drawing for the 2021 Moss Foundation Raffle Quilt! For many years the Moss Foundation’s quilt program has been a huge success in fundraising thanks to the efforts of Nancy and so many others, who graciously donate their time and materials
. Be sure to watch for the announcement of the 2022 Quilt Raffle in a January newsletter.


I have 1 more very special picture to share from the second weekend of the Made in Mathews Open Studio Tour which I was unable to attend. Members of the Herr family stopped by to see my distribution center. My daughter Patty was able to get a picture of Kate Herr and her granddaughter holding my print of their family home,
The Hans Herr House.


It’s hard to believe that my fall show season is coming to a close. I have had such a good time travelling and seeing everyone. My final appearance for 2021 will be at the P Buckley Moss Gallery of Blacksburg on Saturday and Sunday, December 18th and 19th. I invite you to meet me at the gallery, Saturday from 11 am until 4 pm, and Sunday from noon until 3 pm.  We’ll celebrate the holidays together. The gallery is located in Kent Square, 216 S Main St. in Blacksburg.


Christmas magic and always a few surprises await your discovery on your visit to the Moss Gallery of Blacksburg. I will see you there soon.


Until next week,



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