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Dear Friends,


“Christmas is the season for kindling the fire for hospitality in the hall, the genial flame of charity in the heart.” Washington Irving


I love the joy and accompanying noise that comprises our family Christmas. My heart and home were full as I welcomed family back for the holiday. Becky’s husband Roberto, daughter Michaela and her boyfriend Gennaro came from Italy and delighted us with many culinary surprises. The weather was cold and we had a slight dusting of snow Christmas morning.


The weekend began with a visit to the Blacksburg gallery.


My guests, James Morgan and his mother Frances, came to the Blacksburg gallery and went home with a framed
Saturday Sail. James said, “It was hard to leave the gallery with only one piece.” I frequently feel that way when I’m shopping.


My daughters Patty, Mary and Becky enjoying each other’s company and a coffee at the Blacksburg Gallery.


Christmas Eve and the ensuing dinner always has a palpable sense of excitement about it. This year was no exception. Roberto, Becky and daughter Sophie, busied themselves in the kitchen producing the dinner which included a fantastic seafood pasta. The dinner was finished with tiramisu, which is my favorite dessert.  I often think that we should gather around the table together more frequently. Afterwards we moved into the great room with the fireplace for the gift exchange.


The fire was stoked and set the atmosphere for the parade of pajamas. My daughter Mary accomplished the most fantastic feat of making pajamas for everyone who came for Christmas. This was no small task since there were 18 people! She thoughtfully selected a fabric that reflected the person’s interests, hobbies or humor.


I love my new pajamas! They’re pink, of course.


Patty and Becky laughing in their matching pjs reliving the days of Flower Power. Here Comes Da Judge!


Michaela’s boyfriend Gennaro enjoying a Moss Christmas and a new set of pajamas.


Patty, me, Michaela, Roberto and Gennaro. Look at the delight on Michi’s face as the gifts are being exchanged.


Mary even made pajamas for James and Frances Morgan!


The Moss family Christmas always comes in waves. Christmas day I was joined by the Donnelly family which included pugs Douglas and Eleanor.


Kate, Michael, Sarah and AJ holding Doug and Eleanor. They all look quite festive in their new pjs. I’m not supposed to tell, but Michael and Kate are now engaged. Shhh.


It would be hard to believe, but this turkey tasted even better than it looked, and it looks wonderful! My children and grandchildren really outdid themselves with the food prep. I am so grateful that we shared this time together.


Kerry Donnelly and James Morgan serving dinner to everyone. Don’t you just love the red tulips that adorned the table?

The little kids table is now all grown up.


From my family and me, I wish peace, happiness and good health from this day forward. Let’s aspire to take good care of one another in the coming days, weeks and years.



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