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Jan 1, 2024
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Feb 10-11, 2024
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Dear Friends,


2023 is moving into a memory, and as it passes, I would like to share some highlights from this year. My year was exceptional and I have you to thank for it. We have travelled together, eaten together, shared stories and made some memories.


The year began with a bit of a bump. I had hip surgery in January. With the help of family, friends, and a fair amount of physical therapy, I was back on my feet quickly


My first show of the season was held with the P Buckley Moss Gallery in Blacksburg in February.


With a few modifications, my living room was transformed into a set so that I could join Iowa Public Television remotely for their annual fundraiser in March. Overseeing the production was my grand dog Elsie.


April literally flew by with a flurry of gallery visits. How wonderful to see all of you.


What better way to celebrate my 90th birthday than to travel with friends? As it turned out, thoughtful friends and collectors celebrated with me throughout the year.


Mid-year was marked by the return of the Summer Barn Show and Gallery Open House in Waynesboro. The annual Moss Foundation Dinner was held at my home. What a great time we had! Together we raised $5834 for children’s education programs. Tickets for the July 13, 2024 dinner will go on sale in February.


August began with the annual Steppin’ Out Festival and Gallery Open House in Blacksburg. The rest of August was spent in my studio finishing artwork to be released during my fall tour.


Around this time my family’s attention was drawn to my grandson Sean, who had been hospitalized with a previously undiagnosed heart condition. My daughter Mary flew out to Portland, OR to provide support. There were quite a few anxious moments during this time, and I am happy, relieved and thrilled to report that he responded well to treatment.


My grandchildren Sarah and Sean in a photo taken Fall 2023.


I returned to my Chesapeake Bay home in September. Mathews Market Days took place on September 8-9. Kim and Natalie volunteered at the Moss Foundation booth and made the event successful. I am grateful to all of the Moss community who comes to my events and work tirelessly in support. I couldn’t do this without you!


Who would have known that this would be my last show with Debra Starry and King James Galleries Gettysburg? I treasure our friendship and will miss you and all of my Pennsylvania area friends.


Autumn with friends would best describe the month of October. The wheels on my van stayed in motion the entire month. Thank you friends, collectors and especially the Moss dealer network for your love and support.


November travels included a wonderful visit with my friends at Up Against the Wall Gallery in Kingsport. The yearlong collaboration with the Fairfield Foundation culminated with the official release of the Timberneck House print on November 21st for use in fundraising. Thanksgiving was spent with family.


We welcomed December in Waynesboro with the final open house of the year. The Foundation Quilt Raffle came to a close and the winner was Carmen Hadley. I am pleased to report that the raffle raised $2,591.00 for children’s education. Carmen received her quilt during the 45th anniversary celebration held during my show with Gallery Art Center in Columbus, Ohio. My final show was a Christmas celebration with the Moss Gallery of Blacksburg.


Gallery Art Center 45th Anniversary celebration.


In looking through my photos of the year, I have much to be thankful for. As we observe the turning of the calendar, my wish is for you to take joy in the tiniest moments of each day. They are precious.


Until next year,




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