Dear Friends:

Happy New Year!  I spent New Year’s Eve in bed watching a good movie and saw the fireworks in the park across the street from my house.  It’s so nice to be able to watch it all from inside my own home, and St. Petersburg puts on such a good show.

I spent New Year’s Day with wonderful friends at Dick and Bonnie-Lou Binnig’s in Palm Harbor, Florida.  Bonnie-Lou made a fabulous “traditional” New Year’s Day dinner of roast pork, sauerkraut, and black-eyed peas (for good luck).  Joining us were Henry and Jacquelyn Byars, who moved to Palm Harbor from Derby, Kansas, this past November, and Peter Coppola.

Yes, I had two pieces of pie!  Pictured with me is Dick Binnig.

It’s sunny and warm in St. Pete, and I’m walking again with friends.  It’s a total delight.  Now, back to work!


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