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Happy New Year!

I saw the New Year in with my daughter Becky, her husband Roberto, and my granddaughters Sofia and Michela.  I had actually dozed off but woke up just in time when I heard Sofia and Michela shouting, “Five, four, three…!”  I rushed over to my balcony, which overlooks the park across the street from my house, and we all got to see the fireworks go off over Tampa Bay.  There was a band in the park, too, so we were treated to a concert without even having to leave home.  I can’t think of a nicer way to celebrate the New Year.

The view across St. Petersburg Harbor in front of Pat's house this New Year.

New Year’s is always a time of reflection for me, and I realize how truly blessed I am.  I’m so grateful to have my family, so many friends, and my health.  I also have my wonderful staff at both the Moss Museum and The Moss Portfolio.  We are very much a large, extended family who all care for one another.

May 2007 be a year of hope, peace, and prosperity for us all.




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