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Dear Friends:
It was so wonderful to have all my children and grandchildren with me for New Year’s.  In addition to my six children and ten grandchildren, I also had all my sons- and daughters-in-law as well as my children’s father Jack Moss and his wife Malone—25 in all, including me!

By the time all of us got rounded up for this picture, we were feeling a little silly, as you can see from our funny faces.

To have family, whether 25 or just one, is a blessing beyond words, and I am so very grateful for mine.  We all managed to spend several days’ worth of quality time with one another, and not one person got killed!  Seriously, it was a joy to be together.  Everyone was so loving, caring, and appreciative of the rest.  It was a fabulous way to start the New Year!
I will be settling down now at my home in St. Petersburg, Florida, for the winter months, and I’m already thinking about the paintings on my “To Do” List.  I can hardly wait to get started.

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