Dear Friends:

I’m settling in here in St. Pete and loving every minute of it.  I go walking with friends every day, and I’m working on several paintings for the spring.

The Moss Pelicans Chapter of the P. Buckley Moss Society decided to have a post-holiday get-together instead of one before Christmas, and we went out to lunch this past Saturday at The Hanger at Albert Whitted Airport in St. Pete.  What fun!

Going around the table from L. to R.:  Edda Howard, Mary Wyatt Allen, Marlyn DeWaard's sister Carol, Marlyn DeWaard, me, Joann Hagerman, Lily Alcott, Bonnie-Lou Binnig’s friend Jacquelyn Byars, and Dick Binnig.  Not pictured is Chapter President Bonnie-Lou Binnig, who took the picture.

Now, back to my easel!


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