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Hello All,

I am back in Mathews for this week. On Friday Malcolm and I fly to Panama and I have a lot to get finished before then so this letter may turn out to be shorter than usual. OK, I can hear some of you sighing with relief!

Before leaving St. Petersburg Malcolm and I went to see "The Way it Goes", a musical play written and directed by Dylan Glatthorn, a sixteen year old student of the The Gibbs High School, here in St. Petersburg. We went as part of our mission to support art for the young. The Gibbs High School, like my own, the now closed down Washington Irving, in Manhattan, specializes in the Arts. Once again we were rewarded with a most entertaining evening. The cast were all in their teens and performed with the confidence and presence of professional actors. It was hard to believe that they were so young and that the words and music were composed by a sixteen year old who also played the piano in the orchestra.

Malcolm, Pat, Liw Villagomeza and Reverend Christian Villagomeza.

Apart from my early morning walk with The Street Walkers and the visit to the musical, this has been a week of intense painting. We did have a Sunday afternoon visit from The Reverend Christian Villagomeza and his family. Remember this is the minister who, besides serving his own church, looks after the seamen in the Port of Tampa. The Reverend and his wife, Liw, are two inspiring people of God who are having a positive influence on many lives.

Progress on the log cabin painting for the Tennessee Collectors' Convention.

I am showing you photos of the progression of the log cabin painting and the mill. Thank you, those of you who sent me messages expressing your preferences as to which should be the Kingsport convention official print. I am not going to tell you which has the most "votes" because the choice may change now that both paintings have moved forward.

Progress on the mill painting for the Tennessee Collectors' Convention.

Last week I showed you my current horse painting and talked about the trust and friendship expressed in his face, a trust and friendship I have enjoyed with several horses. This week I am showing a photo of a cat painting I have just finished. Cats are harder to read than horses and often only the owner knows what the cat is thinking.

A new painting of the University of Tennessee which will be printed and released at the convention.

I am not going to interpret the look on the face of this cat. I am leaving you to study Eddie's face and come to your own decision. Eddie belongs to Ginny and Randy Myers, who many of you know from the presentations they give at our conventions. Ginny is the editor of The Art Cart, our Foundation's cyber newsletter for teachers and Randy is the president of the Foundation.

Painting of Eddie the cat.

By the way, if you know a teacher of arts or special education who is not already receiving The Art Cart, please suggest that he/she subscribe by going to the Foundation website and entering the email address in the "Join our mailing list" section and click the SUBMIT button.

Next week my greeting to you will be "Hola Amigos" because I will be writing from Panama. Waiting to meet us on our arrival with be my son John and his girlfriend Mo (Maureen). John is chef at the Sunset Grill and has the reputation of providing the best food on the island.

There you are. I said it would be a short letter. Now I must get back to packing.

Bye for now.


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