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Dear Friends:

My daughters Becky and Ginny and I were given a tour of Waynesboro’s Wayne Theatre-Ross Performing Arts Center on Monday by the Wayne Theatre Alliance’s future director Tracy Straight.  The refurbishment of the theatre has been fifteen years in the making, and it will open this year.  It’s so exciting for Waynesboro to have a theatre again—our downtown is coming alive!

Tracy Straight, future director of the Wayne Theatre Alliance, gave us a wonderful tour of the Wayne Theatre-Ross Performing Arts Center.

L. to R.:  Tracy Straight, me, and John & Betty Lowdermilk.  John and Betty Lowdermilk are donors to the Wayne Theatre Alliance, and John also serves on the Board of Directors.

Tracy has been with the Wayne Theatre Alliance from the beginning and has coordinated much of the rehabilitation project and developed the programs for the coming year.  The result of the project is a beautiful building inside and out that will house a 385-seat auditorium, a 75-seat Custin Cabaret, an unnamed lecture/meeting room, and reception space.  The various spaces will provide for a full range of events, entertainment, and activities.  The auditorium will schedule live performances from symphony orchestras, dance companies, and touring theatre attractions to regional and local performances, conferences, and classic films.  The Custin Cabaret will provide space for small ensembles, solo performances, and small theatre productions.  The lecture/meeting room will be the home for popular history lectures, signature speakers, and other educational programs and forums.  As with anything, the more support, the better the programs; so, come out and support our wonderful theatre!

The new 385 seats in the auditorium were covered with plastic to protect them while the room gets some finishing touches.  The grand opening is scheduled for March.

In 2007 I painted
The Wayne Theatre to help raise funds for the Wayne Theatre Alliance’s project.

We’re gearing up for our show this weekend at 223 Gilbert Street in Blacksburg, Virginia, and looking forward to seeing all our friends.

Reverie will be released during my Blacksburg gallery show January 16-17.  For more information, please contact the gallery at 540-552-6446.

See you soon!


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