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Dear Friends:

I was well entertained Monday, watching the festivities celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday that were taking place in the park across the street from my home in St. Petersburg, Florida. There were adult groups, marching bands, majorettes, and groups of younger children. Their costumes were lovely, with big headdresses and bright, sparkly sequins, but my favorite performers were a group of plainly dressed school children, using big, white plastic buckets for drums. They were so enthusiastic and earnest as they marched along, beating away on their plastic drums.

Pat was entertained on Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday by the groups that marched past her window overlooking St. Petersburg's famous harbor.

They reminded me of how things really were during the time of the Civil Rights Movement, with people from all walks of life using whatever means was available to them to get their message across. I have great respect for Dr. King and all those who fought so tirelessly to make our country a better place for all people.

I've continued to paint away in my studio here in St. Pete, and I'm happy to show two of the pieces that will soon be printed.

Nearing Completion: Pat has been working on this exquisite painting of her signature Canada geese.

Remembering 9/11: Pat has revisited 9/11 in this painting which pays tribute to police search and rescue dogs.

When I've needed a break from painting, I've amused myself by watching the construction underway on the 25-story condo building going up on the block next to mine. It's been quite a learning experience. The workers have a huge, crane-like machine that they put on a platform and raise up several floors, adding supports and platforms under it as they go along. The crane has a very long arm that can reach all the way to the ground and pick up material and equipment, so the building sort of grows up around the platforms leading up to where the crane is. I think they're up to the fifteenth floor now, because there are fifteen flights of fourteen steps each that the crane operator has to climb up and descend each day. I just can see his hands in the cab of the crane as he works the controls. I watched him use the crane to move a huge elevator car into place and marveled at the whole process. Architecture and design are something I really enjoy.

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