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Hello Friends,

This week I have concentrated my thoughts on the painting for our National Collectors' Convention that will take place at the Marriott Hotel in downtown Richmond, Virginia, July 25-27. A convention painting is always a challenge. It gets to be seen by many, not only at the convention but also as shown by the media when reporting on the convention. It is the big test of the year. When the convention is held in the capital of my own state, of which I am a cultural laureate of the arts, the pressure is particularly intense.

The beginnings of the Virginia convention piece.
The beginings of this year's convention print.

I am sometimes asked how long it takes me to paint a major painting. I cannot give a precise answer. Like a baby, a painting's life begins long before its first form is seen by the world. Long before I put the first washes on the paper, I live with the image in my mind, forming and reforming its shape and composition.

What you see today is the infant stage and in the weeks that come, you will be able to follow the painting's growth towards maturity. How long this growth process will take, I do not know. It is no good for me to push it to go faster. I have to let the painting move forward at its own pace.

"What are you going to put in the foreground?" I can hear you ask. Just as an author should not divulge his plot before writing his story, so an artist should keep secret the plot for the painting. I am sorry you will have to wait and see.

Neighborhood birthday party.
At Monica's brithday party. Either side of me are Tony and Silvia.

Last week was Monica's birthday. Monica and her parents, Tony and Silvia Chin, are our neighbors and very good friends. When we are away they keep a close eye on our house. We share a common alley way which is lined with all manner of exotic plants cultivated by Silvia's green thumb. We are very fortunate to have such super neighbors. Tony and Silvia have a general store that reminds me of the old country stores of my youth. One side of the store has shelves of brightly colored materials that Indians buy for dressmaking.

Pat planning a dinner party.
Planning the food for the dinner party. (The sailboat in the background does not belong to us).

It has been a week of glorious weather. Cool breezes and good sleeping nights. I hardly dare to send the photo of me on the deck of our balcony with the sun and blue sea, knowing the temperature got down to 10 degrees in Mathews last week.


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