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Dear Friends:
It’s become a tradition for me to watch St. Petersburg’s annual Martin Luther King, Jr., Day Parade from the windows of my home.  The parade happens in the park on the other side of the street in front of my house.  How wonderful it is to live in a country where freedom of expression and the celebration of our rights are practiced so joyfully!
I’m so proud to be an American!  What a joy it was to watch the inauguration Tuesday and to see the goodwill and unity that was expressed by hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people.
The girls at my Museum in Waynesboro, Virginia, are getting ready to give the gift shop a facelift.  Every once in a while they like to make a change and paint the walls a different color.  I love to see my paintings hung against the different colored backgrounds whenever they paint.  I’ll get my chance when I’m there for my Barn Show and Museum Open House April 24-26.  Long-time framer of my work Jason Miles is helping gift shop manager Jo Cowherd with the color selection.
Last Friday Tim Finn, owner of the Finn Gallery, and I were the guest speakers at a luncheon meeting of the Rotary Club of St. Petersburg, Florida.  During the luncheon we discussed fundraising opportunities using my new print Peace Through Rotary Service.  Ten percent of the proceeds from each print sold will benefit Rotary International.  The print celebrates Rotary’s goal of promoting world peace by improving the quality of life of others.  I used the peace symbol as an overall design to show Rotary’s three main projects of polio eradication, water provision, and literacy/education.  I’ve also created a special poster for Rotary International.

L. to R.:  me, Club President Fred Terry, and member (who is also my good friend) Mary Wyatt Allen.  Photo courtesy of the Rotary Club of St. Petersburg, Florida.

In 2007 I was invited by Dr. Tracy Aitcheson, who was then the District Governor-Elect for the Rotary District that includes Waynesboro, to create the poster and print edition to help raise funds for Rotary International.  We also worked with Past Assistant Governor Jim Ridenour on the project.  During Friday’s luncheon meeting of the Rotary Club of St. Petersburg, I was delighted to meet District Governor Russell Miller, who is the District Governor for the area that includes St. Petersburg.  I learned that he was present when the conversation was initiated about having a special poster and print done.  I always say that I live in a small world!  He had just returned to Florida from a visit with his Rotary counterparts in Waynesboro, and they took him to visit my Museum.  He said that he loved it, and that made me very proud.
The Rotary Club of St. Petersburg, Florida, is an enormous group of people, and I was so impressed with them.  I really loved it when they all stood up as a group and recited Rotary’s Four-Way Test in unison, “Is it the Truth?  Is it Fair to all concerned?  Will it build Goodwill and Better Friendships?  Will it be Beneficial to all concerned?”  What a wonderful creed!
I saw Slumdog Millionaire over the weekend, and it was a really good movie.  I highly recommend it, but I wish I had my own home theater and could have seen it at home.  Whoever was sitting behind me kept kicking the back of my seat!  Manners, please!

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