Dear Friends:

I’m back in my Mathews, Virginia, studio this week—just in time for snow!  I love the light, the Bay, the birds…everything!

My view this morning, looking toward my daughter Patty’s house in Mathews, VA.

Two brand new quilts just arrived for the P. Buckley Moss Foundation for Children’s Education.  These are the second and third quilts made by Debbie Frizzell and April West of Ames, Iowa, using my painted fabric centerpieces, and donated to the Foundation to be used in a future fundraiser.  The girls in the Mathews office have been “oohing” and “aahing” over these two, and so have I!

We are so grateful to Debbie, April, and all our other volunteer quilters who have donated their time, talent, and materials to make quilts for the Foundation.  The funds raised help support the Foundation’s scholarships and teachers’ grants, as well as other programs that benefit children’s education.  The Foundation receives a staggering number of applications for grants and scholarships, reflecting a widespread need for financial aid for education.  Donations to the Foundation are greatly appreciated.

Debbie Frizzell (left) and April West (right), both of Ames, IA, designed and stitched these two exquisite quilts to be used in future fundraising events for the Foundation for Children’s Education.

Stay warm!


Update on 2013 Society Brooches

The P. Buckley Moss Society is pleased to announce that it began shipping 2013 brooches in mid-November and, as of this week, has fulfilled renewals paid from January through August.  If you renewed in July or August of last year, yours is on the way.  Please give the Post Office a few more days to deliver it.


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