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Dear Friends:

I’ve been putting the finishing touches on the Pennsylvania Convention triptych, and I’ve also been working on a painting for the small convention print. The triptych now includes a horse-drawn wagon, but the wagon is in one piece and the horse is in another! I know this may sound strange to you, but it works! The three-piece set is titled Windows to Yesteryear, and the individual pieces are titled, left to right: Timeless Comfort, Timeless Beauty, and Timeless Spirit. These paintings have been both a challenge and great fun.

Finished! The Pennsylvania convention triptych. These prints may be ordered from your local dealer, individually or as a set. You do not need to attend the conevntion to purchase them, but all orders must be placed by May 14th.

The beginning of the small convention print. This print may only be purchased
by those attending the convention in May.

I’ve also been working on several other paintings. Some are for gallery shows, some are for release at the convention, and others are for general release.

Apple Blossom Picnic is Pat's print for her show at Thames Fine Art, Frederick, Maryland, April 29th and 30th.

Two delightful miniature pieces for the Pennsylvania Convention (May 13th and 14th in Hershey).The top piece shows the Hans Herr House, and the bottom piece shows McConnell's Mill. Both buildings are also featured in the large convention prints.

Two more miniatures: a sweet, expressive dog and a pair of Easter geese, soon to be released.

I managed to steal some time for fun between paintings. Earlier this week Becky, Roberto, Sofia, Michela, and I visited the Manatee Village Historical Park in Bradenton, Florida. The park is a national historic site and is open to the public free of charge.

Becky and Sofia learn about quilting at Manatee Village.

Manatee Village has many buildings dating to the 1800’s that show visitors what life was like in Manatee County during that time and around the turn of the century. With the exception of the Wiggins Store, all the buildings were moved to the park from other locations in Manatee County.

Sofia and Michela play checkers in front of Wiggins Store in Manatee Village.

Of particular interest to me was the Stephen’s House, also known as The Settlers House. My friend Clyde Stephens grew up in that house. Some of you may remember my visit to Clyde and his wife Phyllis’s home at Tavares on Lake Harris near Mount Dora, Florida, a year ago. Built between 1911 and 1912, the Stephen’s House at Manatee Village stands as an excellent example of a rural Florida farmhouse in the period between the 1870’s and World War I.

Becky and Roberto Ghezzi with Sofia and Michela enjoy the garden at The Settlers House in Manatee Village.

Until next week…


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