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Dear Friends:

The first meeting of the newly formed Moss Pelicans Chapter of the P. Buckley Moss Society was held at my house in St. Petersburg, Florida, this weekend. I was delighted to have them—what a fun bunch! Congratulations to Bonnie-Lou Binnig for getting it started! Their next meeting will be held at The Finn Gallery on Sunday, March 18, at 2:00 p.m., after my show there.

It was my daughter Becky and her family’s last weekend with me before flying back home to Italy on Tuesday. My daughter Patty and her friend Mary flew down from Virginia to be with us for the weekend. It was like a mini family reunion, and the weather was wonderful. I think Patty and Mary were sorry to leave Sunday afternoon; there was snow, sleet, and freezing rain waiting for them at home.

Patty and Pat standing with (from left) Sofia, Michela and Becky, at the harbor in St. Petersburg.

I found out that friends who have a house in Cortona, Italy, were in town and invited them to dinner Sunday evening. Becky and her husband Roberto know them, too, and we had a lovely evening reminiscing about Cortona. Bonnie-Lou Binnig and her husband Dick were with me for the Society’s last group trip to Italy, and they joined us for dinner, too.

Dinner with friends at Pat's house: (from the left) Sofia, Dick Binnig, Bonnie-Lou Binnig, Michela, Pat, Becky and Barbara and Bill McGowan.

Can you believe the month of January is almost gone? I have to get back to my easel!


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