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Dear Friends,

The painting for the convention is progressing. The main subject is the Capitol building of The Commonwealth of Virginia. I am taking my time as I gradually build the scene. During this week, I have worked more on the buildings and added the fountain and the iron fence.

Virginia convention piece.
Work in progress: this year's convention painting.

As I said last week, I can never rush a watercolor painting. Unlike an oil painting, in which you can make changes by painting over, with watercolor you have to get it right the first time. When I have completed a section, I prop the painting against a table close by my easel and start work on something else. Every time I break, I look back at the painting, waiting for the moment when inspiration tells me how to proceed with the next phase.

I already know in general what I am going to do but it is these progressive steps of insight that give the painting a natural feel. I am patient and wait for them to come to me instead of trying to seek them out. I hope I have explained this in a way that makes sense to you.

Tea time painting.
Apple blossom scene Pat is currently painting.

I am also showing you an apple blossom scene that is coming close to completion. I have painted it in what has become known as my Valley Style that dates back to my first moving to the Shenandoah Valley almost forty years ago. Goodness, it seems impossible it was all those years ago! It must be so because Chris, my youngest, was born in Waynesboro and he will be 37 this year.

Chasing the goats.
Malcolm under the bed persuading the visitors to leave.

As a break this week Malcolm and I held a pot luck at the farm with seven friends joining us. We had three additional visitors. The little goats we had bottle fed a month ago snuck in when we were not looking and took up temporary residence beneath the bed.

Hombre the pig.
Hombre enjoys Pat's attention.

Later on a tour of the farm, I showed how Hombre, our gentleman pig, likes to have his nose scratched.

More next week.


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