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Dear Friends:
What a lovely experience to be at Jinny Beyer’s Quilting Seminar in Hilton Head, South Carolina, for two days!  My sister-in-law Carolyn Buckley was my driving buddy from St. Petersburg, Florida, last Wednesday.  She and my brother Dan had come down from Pittsburgh to warm up, and I asked her if she’d help me with the drive to Hilton Head.  Who could say no?  It was gorgeous there, and Jinny was a most gracious host.  I went to do a joint signing with Jinny Thursday night of my new Jinny Beyer Studio Poster.

I so much enjoy making new friends.  These are the ladies seated at my table during dinner one evening.  I’m seated, second from the left.  Seated on the far left, my right, is my sister-in-law Carolyn Buckley.  On my left side, your right, is Jinny Beyer.

I’ve known Jinny Beyer for decades, and to finally be at one of her seminars, even for a day or two, was such a treat for Carolyn and me.  We even got to sit in on one of Jinny’s sessions.  It’s so inspiring to see Jinny’s designs.  Her quilted, fabric creations are masterpieces.  It was so much fun meeting, talking, and learning.  In another life, maybe, I can be a quilter.  There just isn’t enough time to do everything I want to do!
I love quilts and quilting and have included them in many of my paintings.  This will be a fun year for me; because, in addition to participating in Jinny’s seminar, I will also be participating in the Quilters’ Heritage Celebration, which will be held April 2-5 at the Lancaster Host Resort in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and Quilt Camp at Sea’s New England 9-Night Cruise for a Cure, August 13-22.  The Moss Portfolio will have a booth at the Quilters’ Heritage Celebration, and I will be there to sign prints.  I will be a guest speaker on the Cruise for a Cure, which is a fundraising event on behalf of The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  As many of you know, I am a twenty-plus-year survivor, which I credit to early detection via a mammogram—so get your mamms grammed!
The Cruise for a Cure has inspired me to create a couple new paintings with a quilting and breast cancer theme.  These two paintings will be released as giclées on paper, and $5.00 from the sale of each giclée sold will go to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  These two paintings are so fresh off the easel that they haven’t been titled yet or priced, although I expect both giclée editions will retail around $70.

Fresh off the easel!  These two quilting pieces were inspired by the Cruise for a Cure, and a portion of the proceeds will benefit The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Congratulations to the Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers on a great game!  I was invited to two Super Bowl parties, but I missed them both.  I was so tired after the drive to Hilton Head and back, along with the excitement of the seminar itself, that I fell asleep and woke up around the end of the third quarter.  I watched the rest of the game, which I think was the best part, in bed.  I think most of Pittsburgh must have come down to Tampa and St. Petersburg for the game.  The weather greeted them warmly, as did the community.  Don’t y’all want to come down here?

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