Dear Friends:

This Friday, February 6, my gallery at 223 Gilbert Street in Blacksburg, Virginia, will participate in Downtown Blacksburg, Inc.’s, Art Walk.  Galleries in Blacksburg will be open 4:30-7:00 p.m. so people can come by after work.  If you’re in the area, please stop by and see us.

I’ve been working in my studio, and one of the pieces I’ve just completed is a painting on a wooden platter for the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Kingsport (Tennessee).  I’ve participated in their annual fundraising gala for a number of years—they supply the wooden platter, and I supply the artwork—in conjunction with Up Against the Wall gallery in Kingsport.  There’s a story behind the image I painted for this year’s gala.  A couple months ago, I released a special print edition for Kingsport’s Carousel Project.  I had the joy of meeting a number of the volunteers who worked on the project, and the wife of one of them had told her husband, “We’ll see a carousel when pigs fly.”  So, I painted a flying pig on this year’s fundraising platter.

I painted a flying pig on this wooden platter for the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Kingsport’s annual fundraising gala, which will take place in May.  For more information, please contact Up Against the Wall gallery at 423-246-7210.

These are just a couple of the pieces I’ve been working on this winter.  Please click on New Releases
to view more.

Valentine’s Day is coming up.  Be sure to remember your sweetheart!


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