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Dear Friends:

St. Petersburg, Florida, was spared yet again. I was shocked when I woke up Friday, turned on the news, and saw the scenes of such terrible destruction that the storm system had wrought just to the north of me. St. Pete seems to be in a safe zone of sorts and has been spared the terrible hurricanes and other storms that have plagued the state in the last few years.

I’m counting my blessings! I’m very blessed to be safe and healthy and in the sunshine, while my children and grandchildren are snow skiing at Wintergreen in Virginia. I love the beauty of snow, but these days the warmth suits me better.

Congratulations to the Indianapolis Colts on their Super Bowl victory! Actually, both teams deserve much credit for playing so well in the constant downpour of rain. I went to a Super Bowl party at a friend’s house, but I have to admit I called it an early evening and was in bed by 8:30 p.m.!

Last week I promised a picture of the painting I’m working on for the 400th anniversary of Jamestown, Virginia. However, I wasn’t thinking at the time that I mustn’t show it until after the special unveiling event that will be held at my Museum on March 30. That’s why it’s called an unveiling, because it’s being seen for the first time. I’m sorry, but March 30 isn’t that far off, and I’ll be sure to show a picture of it after that. Instead, here is a picture of something else I have been working on.

Pat's painting of the beautiful old building that houses the People's Place Gallery, Intercourse, PA. The print edition will be released at a Show Without Pat on April 12-14. For more information call the gallery at (717) 768-7171.

This week I’m getting ready for The Moss Portfolio’s Dealers’ Meeting. It’s going to be held at my house this weekend, and I’ll have a house full of staff members and gallery and frame shop owners—friends all. I’m looking forward to it. Construction is happening like crazy all around my house, so I’m afraid my guests will have some chaos to deal with, particularly along the road on one side of my house.

When Pat needs a diversion from working at her easel, she watches the contstruction going on around her house in St. Petersburg, FL.

My house sits on a corner, so I have the beautiful park across one road from me and the massive building going up on the other side. That’s okay, though, because I love to watch the progress of the building and all the machinery and the construction workers. Architecture has always fascinated me; so, when I’m ready for a break from my easel, I watch the construction.

’Til next week…


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