Dear Friends:

The Super Bowl was exciting.  I started watching it at a friend’s house and finished watching it in bed at my house.

My daughter Mary is here in St. Pete with me, and we’re having fun.  She’s organizing my closets and clothes, and it’s great!  In between working and painting, we go on excursions.  We went to Clearwater Beach Tuesday.

My daughter Mary and me beside Bonnie-Lou Binnig’s Chinese New Year tree in Clearwater Beach.  Bonnie-Lou is going to have the Moss Pelicans Chapter at her house for a Chinese New Year dinner this Sunday.  Mary said that she could move to Clearwater Beach and just loves it.  She kept taking pictures of the beach and e-mailing her husband the pictures and telling him about how warm and beautiful it is there.



2013 Society Cruise Update

It is now time to begin planning your shore excursions for the 2013 Mediterranean Cruise.  Ada (Stacy's Travel) and I are attempting to coordinate land excursions in order to keep members and friends of the Society together in one group.  Several of the excursions are nearly full and, therefore, will not be available through the Ruby Princess. For example, there are only 16 spaces remaining for Murano and Burano.  However, if enough persons are interested in this excursion, Ada can arrange for a special group tour through her travel resources in Italy.

Please contact either Ada or me to indicate the excursions that you are interested in.  Ada may be reached at 734-243-6330 or via email at  I can be reached at 727-244-2819 or via email at  You do not have to pay for your excursions at this time. 

Also, March 1, 2013, is the deadline for final payment of your cruise as well as for your confirmation on the Rome pre-cruise excursion and the Venice post-cruise excursion.  Please contact either Ada or me if you have any questions about final payment or the pre- and post-cruise excursions.

Next week, I will provide some recommendations for excursions at our stops in Greece.  My neighbor, who is of Greek origin, is currently in Greece and will provide her recommendations for our next newsletter update.  Until then, please contact Ada or me if you have any questions.

See you in Rome in July!

Bonnie-Lou Binnig
Society Cruise Coordinator

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