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Dear Friends:

Wow!  I have a lot of friends from all over the country!  Thank you so very much for your cards, e-mails, and well wishes in general as I recover from my broken fibula.  It’s been such fun hearing from you and reading your shared experiences with “missteps” and broken bones.

Concentrating on my painting takes my mind off my leg.

My friend Wilma Grace of Waynesville, OH, was in the St. Petersburg, FL, area visiting family and stopped by my house to see me.  She didn’t know about my leg…she looks as sad in this picture as I felt leaving.

Not to fear!  I am still planning on attending the gallery shows I’ve scheduled for this spring.  The first one will be with the Finn Gallery in St. Petersburg, Florida, March 11-13, followed by The Framery in Marietta, Georgia, March 26-27; McGuire Fine Arts in Frederick, Maryland, April 9; my Museum Open House and Barn Show in Waynesboro, Virginia, April 29-May 1; and Frameworks Plus in Princeton, West Virginia, May 21.  More shows will be booked, so stay tuned!

This painting, featuring bluebirds and the gazebo in Marietta Square in downtown Marietta, GA, will be released as a giclée on paper March 26-27 at my show with The Framery.

Here are some of the new paintings I’ve been working on.  They’ll be available soon as giclées on paper.

I’m working on a series of my beloved Italy.  This one is the Church of St. Maria.  I hope to do at least two more of my favorite places.

Moss Museum director Corrado Gabellieri is back from his annual visit to Italy to see his family.  His dad, who is 90, is doing well and still walking everyday—I wish I were!  I’m looking forward to going back to Waynesboro in a couple weeks when I’m on my way to get my leg checked.  I can’t wait to see how the miniatures display is hung now and catch up on the news from Italy with Corrado.

Maybe I’ll get to see the Museum’s newest frequent visitor when I go back.  I’m told he’s often on the roof and even knocks on the office window to say, “Hi.”


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