Dear Friends:

Virginia is preparing for another winter storm this week, and I’ve been staying warm in my studio while putting the finishing touches on the P. Buckley Moss Society’s Adult and Junior Members-Only Prints for 2014.  I’ve been showing you the Adult MOP as it has progressed, and this week I have the final version ready to show you, as well as a picture of the Junior MOP.

Finished at last!  This painting,
Memories of Home, which features my childhood home at 3843 Amboy Road on Staten Island, NY, will be the Adult Members-Only Print for new and renewing members of the Society in 2014.

This painting,
Takin' Her Out, will be the Members-Only Print for Junior Members of the Society (children aged 17 and under) who either join or renew their memberships in 2014.

My daughter Mary wants me to come stay with her in town (Radford) for the storm.  She’s afraid I’ll get stranded out here.  But, I love it here on the lake, and I told her, “I’m staying!”

My youngest daughter Ginny’s birthday is this Wednesday, and we celebrated by having lunch together at the Draper Mercantile on Tuesday.  She came a day early because of the weather forecast.  It was so good to see her, and she brought me lots of work from the Museum to do.

Happy 50th birthday Moss #5!  Mother Nature declared it a Virginia State of Emergency for the occasion!

Stay warm and safe!



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